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Senate Democrats are considering several ways to tax Americans in order to pay for their leftist wishlist, otherwise known as the $3.5 trillion budget resolution.

According to a four-page document obtained by NBC News, one of the ways Democrats propose to pay for their wildly expensive plan, which includes carveouts for a civilian climate corps, universal pre-K, and other woke legislation, is through a “plastics excise tax.”

“[The plastics excise tax would] impose a $.20 per pound fee on the sale of virgin plastic used to make single-use plastics, which are routinely disposed of as trash or end up in marine ecosystem as marine debris,” the document states.

A source familiar with the document told NBC News the document does not “represent a final set of policies for the 50-member Democratic caucus, which need unanimous agreement to pass them.” Instead, the document represents talking points as senators figure out how to raise enough funding to finance several trillion dollars in spending. 

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  • It seems that most every State has a License Fee for Pet Dogs (Annual Tax), the Federal Government should do by placing a "License Fee" on all "Undocumented Workers" allowed in "All Sanctuary States!" That would help offset the costs of "Social Services" the rest of the Nation provides through Federal Taxes. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • No,undocumented workers need to be deported!

  • My grandfather always said some day they will tax the air we breathe.  I believe it now.  Just think, a chart that has age on one side, weight on another side and a line between them that shows how many cubic feet of air you breathe daily.  Then they will tax you based on how much air you breathe.  It will be called a clean air tax and we are supposed to believe it will be part of the climate cleaning program.  Time for a noose.

  • America could make a lot more income if we could just "Tax Stupid!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Now you're on the right track!

  • Tax on the socialist media Facebook and the rest of the idiots who want taxpayers to pay for their stupid programs 

  • What next - air maybe.  It is too bad there wouldn't be someway that only demockrat supporters would have to pay!

  • It's time for a tax revolt  .

  • All "they" have to do is GROW THE HELL UP. But nooo all they want to do is destroy the UNITED STATES!!!! We the PEOPLE are letting them too. STAND UP AMERICA!!

  • how about a tax on congressional salaries, benefits, and pensions

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