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Senator John Thune (R-SD), a coffee boy for Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), said that Republican voters attempting to punish senators who voted to convict former President Donald Trump during the Senate impeachment trial are engaging in “cancel culture.”

Obviously, this man doesn’t have a clue what cancel culture is. How can we have politicians representing Republicans when they don’t even know what cancel culture is? Nobody is saying they want them silenced, and no one is saying they don’t think they should ever work again. They are simply exercising their Constitutional right to decide who will represent them and their state, and if the majority of Republican voters feel that the seven turncoat GOP Senators who sided with the radical leftist Woke Supremacy mob Democrats to unconstitutionally try a private citizen for something he didn’t do isn’t their top choice then they have the right to let their grievances be heard and there is no better way I can think of to let politicians know they done screwed up than to vote them out of office.

“There was a strong case made,” Thune told the AP about the House impeachment managers’ arguments. “People could come to different conclusions. If we’re going to criticize the media and the left for cancel culture, we can’t be doing that ourselves.”

Not really. The Democrat House impeachment managers lied, they altered documents, and they withheld exculpatory evidence. In fact, legal scholars have said that had they been in a courtroom they not only would have faced disbarment but could have been charged with crimes and faced prison.

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  • Thune you will not get our support for trying to impeach President Trump simply because the only crime Trump committed was put Americans first and you put your hate to him first so in other words go to hell.I will support any one that goes against all those who put their back on President Trump.

  • Thune and McConnell and a bunch of others will be canceled - freaking traitors - Trump is my President

  • Kristi Noem can surely find someone awesome to replace this bozo. The anti-Trumpers wrote their own ticket home. 

  • This man is clueless.  I can't believe the voters in South Dakota will vote for him again. They have a good example of what true conservatives believe in their Governor, Kristi Noem. 

  • As a South Dakota resident I have been railing against Thune since before the Bush-Rove amnesty attempt in the second year of the Bush debacle, hopefully we will get him next time. And also hopefully his partner in crime Rounds will get the message and leave the swamp. our Gov Noems seems to have after a wishy-washy term in thw house she came home and saw the light.. 

  • John...well, Senator, betting against the people; especially those of us who feel we have nothing to lose by taking on & trying to defeat RINO Quislings is not a good bet.

    RINOs have created political self-cancellation by working against our interest...


  • God blessed Breitbart when Andrew made this statement!  He had it all along - now he is spinning in his grave for what his website has become!  

  • Well...thune...Andrew was either are FOR the Constitution and Rule of Law or you are a one world are NOT a conservative or Constitutionalist. If you were you would kmow that what you did in Congress and help support was unConstitutional! No sympathy for you RINOs!

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