• Yet we are the ones who "reach across the isle" to shake hands with clowns like Schumer, Durbin, Hirono and Feinstein. McCain was called a "maverick" because he wanted to get along with fools like Kerry and Biden to the detriment of his own party. Until he ran against Da Wun in 2008 and the same press he loved getting attention from turned on him viciously. I like Senator Cruz but he's telling me something I've known since Reagan was POTUS. Watch we the Republicans take over this year of how McConnell and McCarthy govern. They will be the same cowards they were when PDJT was my Commander-in-Chief. We need more representatives like Cruz, Paul, Kennedy, Cotton and Hawley and less RINO putzes like McConnell, Romney and Tillis. 

  • And... When Republicans are in control... Ole Mitch pops nervously out of his turtle shell just long enough to hand an olive branch to the Democrats and guarantee he'll do what ever they demand!

  • Our only chance is to elect Constitutional Conservatives - most likely Republican.  But it is up to us, the voters who care about this county, to look into the background; go beyond the political rhetoric, and assure we vote for a Constitutional Conservative. 

  • We need more Republicans Senators like Ted Cruz and first order is stop Biden Supreme Court nominee and tell them this is not about racist but to have someone who love the country and fallow the laws of the Constitution of the United States which she is not capable to be 

  • There will be a few Cruzs' or Lees' to make it appear there is somebody fighting the Establishment, but overall, the Establishment wins by sheer numbers. There are too many in D.C. that are there for power, position, and money. Civil Service is past tense. Too many from both parties agree that power needs to STAY in D.C. and be there to collect. Trump was the first open person to see and say something needs to be done. THAT'S why there are just as many GOP members along with Democrats to keep him out, by ANY means necessary.

  • Nothing new said.......we have known their tactics for many decades!

  • SENATOR  Cruz  for majority leader. 

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