• Stop blaming Biden, he is incapable of giving orders or making decisions other than what flavor ice cream he wants. He is a child, being used and abused. Look DEEPER, folks. The people behind this are standing just behind the curtain.  If you really want to see these vaccine mandates end AND those who are TRULY responsible held accountable, then start contacting your Republican Congress members immediately, and keep on DOING it until we see action! Remind the RINOS that some of THEM are up for re-election next year.

    • That's total Bull Shit that "Biden the Butcher" doesn't know what he's doing.


    • You know we all are aware, but because Biden is the President, the blame in fact falls on him as long as he holds the title.

      I'm assuming you are not suggesting to let Biden off claiming insanity. They all are responsible and must all be punished for all they have done to our country!

      BTW, they blamed Trump for everything, regardless if it was true or not, they made things up but his name was attached to all their lies!

  • Needs to stop all spending bills.  



  • I refuse to take orders from an insignificant moron, or his minions.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


  • Sounds like a good man

  • Biden is inherently evil. All his deeds have been evil. There is no good in him. If congress has any sense of what is good for America, they would not pass his bills.    

    • You are correct about Biden, all you have to do is look at his evil little eyes..... it they did pass a bill last night, with the promise that the rest is yet to come!

  • I would wait ant see but I bet they don't block it.   I quit hoping for the republicans to do anything a long time ago.


  • UK is reporting disastrous increases  in DEATHS from Fauci's virus among the VACCINATED. iN THE 82% TO 85% RANGE as opposed to dropping and very low rates among the UNVACCINATED. Hospitaliations are also way up.


    There should be some people on the way to the Hague fo these crimes against humanity.

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