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  • Senator Hawley  better prepare leg shackles and manacles. These perpetrators are not accustomed to being accountable to anybody, and may decline.

  • This are two of the richest man in the world and yes they are supporters of the socialist party and Biden and the rest of the idiots keep saying President Trump is only for the rich,what a bunch of idiots this president has done more for the people and America

    • I think Socialism is a gentler way of saying COMMUNISM.  It's another language trick. Trump doesn't even take his well earned salary!  He donates it. He didn't need this job. WE NEED HIM.  We need to recognize that fact. His life and the lives of his family would have been far more pleasurable without the presidency. We can't thank him enough of heading, leading and believing in America and Americas. God bless and keep him.

  • For VIOLATING our 1st admendment's freedom of speech, twitter and facebook MUST be shut down. How many communist/socialist posts have ever been flagged ? ZERO ! How many blm posts or anti police posts have ever been flagged ? ZERO !

    End facebook and twitter now, they are an insult to all Americans and our Constitution !

  • Thank you Sen. Josh Hawley..  Censorhip is horrible.

  • I joined Facebook when my needlepointing friends started a group and they are the only reason I haven't quit them.  I feel like I am back behind the old Iron Curtain with all the censorhip.  Is there anything that can be done about this??????

  • Section 230 must be revised -- but carefully so as not to create new monsters.

    In the meantime, Parler is a good place to take our thoughts.

    • Jim, please explain what is Section 230 to those of us who do not know.   Thanks 

    • Section 230 provides immunity to social media companies like Facebook and Twitter against being sued over the content on their site. This allows them to operate and flourish without needing to moderate content.It offers a broad shield to tech companies, protecting them from lawsuits over content generated by users on their sites. It gives Twitter and Facebook the right to moderate content but does not give them the responsibility to do so.
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    • Perfectly said, Evelyn ... The base law, Christoph, is the Federal Communications Act... Title 12 of US Code, includes Tort Law ... basically what constitutes civil offense that can result in lawsuits (among other litigious things) ... Section 230 contains references to 12 USC & torts related to publishers vs info platforms.

      It's a nasty puzzle that must be deconstructed, re-cut then re-assembled so that these big tech companies can't censor or use their size to impede competition.

      I hope Congress is up to this adult task.

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