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  • Yeah, okay, so, you found quid pro quo joe obiden is guilty of everything we knew he was doing, okay, lunch, then onto our next " going through the motions scam on the American people ".

    It just shows you how deeply embedded these traitors are. Nothing will be done about the treachery, no one will be brought to justice, it is all theatrics because they are all involved in the treason and sedition.

    They rub our noses in the fact that the next election is rigged with mail in voting, they intimidate voters with their tantrums and nothing is being done to the perpetrators or their leaders, the left is setting forrest fires throughout the West, and nothing is being said about who is setting those fires. all we hear day in and day out is "Trump a bad man ", really? 

  • It could be either. I'm never surprised at the sleaze the demoncrats are capable of. After all, they are a brood of vipers.

    • So true. Once again Biden, if found lying or fraud, will claim victimhood, as he did often during his campaign using the death of his wife and child and then the death of his son as if that gave him special rights. Sorry, Joe, many of us have lost familly but we do not wear their demise as a badge of rights.

    • So true. This fraud is is playing the victim card while him and Obama sent our boys to fight stupid wars. He has been caught red handed doing what politicians do, enrich themselves and he's drug addict son. I for one know why they hate Trump so much. Trump doesn't need the money, just trying to do the right thing. I have plenty of POC friends that are embarrassed with the democratic socialist party by putting forth this fake race war. People I never thought would switch party's is moving over to Trump. Screw the polls. Trump going to win.

    • Well said, Diane. And I meant to say that it could be either or both.

  • something is about to hit the street.

  • Scranton joe getting down.

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