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  • If the Congress has mountains of evidence that Joe Bidden broke the law... WHY HAS THE DOJ AND AG BARR REFUSED TO INDICT... that should be the question for the President to answer... why is your DOJ not putting criminals in jail... especially, big-time political figures whose crimes make most criminals look like boy scouts.

    • The hammer will come down on all of them and more in a big October surprise. Trump insinuated as much a few times and we all know that he is the only straight talking politician out there. Barr is totally loyal to Trump and the best lawyer on Trump's legal team. I have no doubt that he will deliver ahead of the elections. I bet you that they are working on the right timing to make an announcement that best suits Trump's re-election. 

    • Let's hope so.... For America and Pres. Trump's sake ... we need major, shock and awe type arrests... hundreds if not thousands picked up, locked up and shipped to GITMO awaiting trial ... include some key MSM types with a promise for a second-round immediately before election day.  Cut the head off the snake before the election.

  • Talk about chickens coming home to roost, hey joe, what next?

    • Joe loves it when the Chickens come home... more eggs and chicken for his family.  Look, the AG is not doing a damn thing to indict this criminal we all need to inform the President this has to stop... where are you Pres. Trump on law and order?  Why are you allowing AG Barr to give a pass to the likes of Hillary, Biden, Comey, Holder, Lynch, Brennan, Wray,  Hayden and the list goes on and on... Who is the law and order President?

  • Dementia is not a legal defense... first, he knows right from wrong.  Next, his mental status at the time of the offense is what matters in an insanity case.  Can Dementia be a factor in sentencing him... certainly?  However, as to the criminal conduct at the time had full use of his faculties.  Biden is probably suffering from the onset dementia.

  • Despicable nepotism in the Biden family. It's disgusting!

  • He needs to get it out there BEFOR the election!



    • Who would report it to the people? Even Fox News would say that the report in not news worthy. Remember that Fox has gone to the dark side now.

    • Want news coverage.... try this: 

      Dress crooks all up in orange jump suites... with numbers on printed on their chests.  Give them all Make America Great hats, and bring them to a White House Briefing... bill the briefing as a 'Swamp Meet' and bring lots of handcuffs for media party favors. 

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