• Manchin should be removed!!!

    • From The sane world!  If there is still one!


  • Since when do you arbitrarily remove people from Congress just because they disagree with you?  Welcome to USSR!

  • I look forward to the day when we the people will have cleaned house. No more deep state. Just constitution loving patriots, god fearing Christians in the USA! 

    • Just have to figure out how we get the voter fraud fixed

    • They have to fear being caught  and  shot for it,like the examples we'll be making out of the x number of traitors now. That's why the death penalty is an absolute must. It say's. "Hey,we ain't frigging around no more". it wil also restore credibility to a government that's turned tyrannical on us.. Nancy Pelosi admitted to letting us suffer ON PURPOSE because it was to her politicval advantage. She should be hung for that. No more mercy .sic semper tyrannis 


    • Jan 20th. TAKE DOWN!!!


  • Did we ask you,Joe?............Because we didn't.

  • All communist demoncrats in the Senate & House must be removed from office for their obvious treason!!

    • We need another Joe McCarthy NOW!

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