• Yes we all know that but the problem is we are not doing what we do know.

    • I don't know what you mean.

    • Lopez, I have not heard Graham's name used by the prophets, but many have had their names used and the word treason attached to them and their foreheads for all eternity by God.  I do believe he will, nevertheless, be one of the multitude who will be exposed and cut down by the Angel of Death.  God is the judge.

    • I'll raise a glass to Graham meeting the angel of death sooner rather than later andI only wish I could arrange the meeting.

    • A toast, Lopez!  To the Angel of Death as he introduces himself to hundreds!  Hear!  Hear!

    • Absolutely true, Lopez!

    • It seems so apparent

    • And yet, verywhere I read or view, I read/see people who say we need to go to DC and enter the WH and Capitol without weapons.  The goal they espouse is the taking back of our country from people who do not love our country, from people who do not love our Constitution as written and do not love its Judeo-Christian foundation.  Yet, the Tea Party does not support a march and “take back.”  There is a Christian prophesier who says a large crowd will gather at the Capitol.  I pause to wonder why they will congregate.

    • What does a crowd standing in DC l do and, how exactly does that address the power, which must be taken back?  Crowds need to eat and sleep, use toilets.  How long does a crowd remain in the capitol.  What does it accomplish?  How does it translate into new governance.  How did Jan 6th work out?  Without weapons they are feckless.  What use is a crowd without weapons?  With weapons they are waiting to be slaughtered and ring in martial law despite Tad's skepticism about the 17th/c constitution and what might be allowed.  An aimless crowd is about as dense and useless as Tad and his ilk.  I know your heart is in the right place John, but good intentions won't save us.  There won't be any new beginning with breaking a lot of eggs and plenty of china too.

    • I addressed this in total too many times.  The crowd would usher the dems and RINOs out of the Capitol and WH.  But, FEAR NOT, for God will handle all of this for me, for you, Lopez, and for ALL Christians!  Praise the Lord Almighty!

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