• I think everybody believe Joe Biden started the war by the way he pulled out of Afghanistan he said hello boys come on in.

    • I believe it's Joe Biden that started the war because what he did in Afghanistan.

    • And the DNC which was laundering billions in the US bio weapons labs and Hillary and the State department who were all stealing Aid money

    • Actually, Ukraine caused the war because Z and others were trying to take our attention away from something which they were trying to conceal.

    • As well as by their bids to join both NATO and the EU, encouraged by the west and incited by western intelligence agencies, but, which was never going to happen.

  • I thought he was a Christian what he should have said it was Joe Biden that started the war.

    • Jeff, like many in congress, both parties, he pretends to be a Christian while truly being a satanist seeking personal wealth and power!!!!!  grahamnesty is the definition of a HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!!!


    • Exactly, Bob!

    • wow I beginning to think so my friend.

    • Glad to hear it, Jeff!

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