• Remember back in 2012 Graham said "If we don't bomb Syria the Charleston Harbor might be nuked"? McCain, Graham, Klobachar were over in Ukraine in 2014? assuring the newly installed Nazi Army they had full support from America. Graham is a traitor to this country and should be prosecuted for it. 

    • You're right once again and tracking.

  • Remember if it sounds good it's probably too good to be true.

    • To whom are you responding, Stephen?

  • The been fashing cash through Ukraine and our war dummies don't relize Ukraine is part of Russia and EUROPE and the guns and bullets will end up in the crazy hands but you the dumbest Graham leaving our boarder while open effect USA not Ukraine. For that matter you worked with Biden for over 20yrs yet you support everything he does. So who are you really protecting yourself and your money. What did you still or that's got you in a losing battle. What does Biden have on you. 

    • Bingo! and joe biden is the one that started the war in Ukraine.

  • We were raised believing Russia was bad, even evil.  From its communist government to the spreading of its brand of communism, to its desire for world domination, to threats of more of the same, and then to ministers proving that Russia is the Gog the leads the world into the Armageddon war mentioned in the Bible, Russia was our Cold War enemy and remained our adversary following the Cold War era.  Russia vs. Ukraine.  It was easy to claim Russia at fault.  Just say it was so and the country believed it was so.  Have we forgotten that Ukraine was and is famous for compacted corruption?  Have we forgotten how corrupt our own government leaders presently are?  Have we forgotten what we know and have said about dems and RINOs?  Dems have progressed from “bad for our country” to where they were joined with RINOs as perhaps traitor-like. Now we know all this to be true and we even label them as evil and perhaps “demonic.” 

    Now consider and know this.  There are only three ‘presidents’ who would not, at the least, acquiesce to a one-world government with all of its one-world departments.  Two of these men “lost” their elections: President Trump and PM Netanyahu.  The third is Putin.  Have the corrupt Zelensky start a war with “The Bear” and have the media blame the war on Gog.  We would all believe it.  Have Z kill his own people and blame Putin.  Perhaps someone in or out of Russia could have Putin assassinated or give him cancer-causing drugs.  Exit Putin and clear the way for one-world order.  Who could convince Z to do any or all of this?  Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, The Rothschild family, Barack Obama, and more.  Let us not forget their “prophet” Yuval Noah Harari.  There is evidence that this is all correct.  I could go on at length.  RINO Lindsey Graham is naturally on the side for one-world order and thus is supportive of Z.  Dismiss anything he says as a lie.  The media, including FOX and Newsmax, either lie to us or do not report ALL the news.  They report for the dems, RINOs, THE World Economic Forum, and others.  Have you read The Great Reset (Schwab)?

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