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    • I agree with you Don. Trump made America great again. He increased employment, the economy rose like never before, he signed a huge tax cut, he tackled the budget and deficit problems. Every American can clearly see that America is great again, when they compare the America Trump iinherited from obummer with the America he leaves behind.


  • I Don't care what side you are on, you must have mental problems to think Schumer has done a good job!

    • I agree, Russ. Those people have mental problems and need to be sent to an asylum. In the meantime, they claim they can't see that Trump made America great again no matter how obvious is it. Just look at the USA in January 2017 when obummer was done destroying it and now after Trump made it great again. 

    • I agree paul.  Both you and Russ are correct in your analogy.  

  • Shumer is a complete asshole!!!

  • Gillibrand is just another useless idiot and she proves it in front of everyone. shumer should be hauled out to sea and dump with the rest of the trash from NY. But shumer is a turd and will likely float. to keep it down he needs to have a 35 ton shackle tied to his neck. 

    • I'm sick and tired of reading hidden attacks against Trump who is also from NY. No wonder we are in a situation where more and more people are turning their backs on Trump. Stop it people! 

  • Schmuck Schumer that filthy America hating leftist liberal commie democrat jew bastard should be charged with High Treason and be given the death penalty. The firing squad would be perfect for Schmucky!

  • 8438060467?profile=RESIZE_930xTHIS KIND OF STUPID

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