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    • That crisis happened today.,COMRADE!

      Satan started his seven year rule. Only one fixing that'll be GOD. Thanks Dems.,for ushering in a reighn of terror. May you suffer the same fate as others that have subjected a population to tyranny. Ripped apart alive by a mob of angry peple you've robbed of their GOD GIVEN RIGHTS!!! I do hope that's the fate GOD has for you.You deserve it!!!!

  • No he can't,but putting more  than half the congress against the wall for treason would do ti.

  • what a laugh? this great, Really!

  • Senator Bimbo babbles.

  • Disgusting.

  • She is in LA LA land

  • BREAKING: Unverified Reports of a Marine Raid on CIA HQ Last Weekend
    BREAKING: Unverified Reports Of A Marine Raid On CIA HQ Last Weekend
    • I just viewed the Rumble video. While I suspect some items are valid, ALEX JONES A MASAD AGENT?????

      Someone has been mixing road apples in with the Delicious apples barrel. IMHO

      This is the reason that Qrazy sources have no value now. They provide confusion and misdirection, with apparent BAD results.

      But thanks for showing it though. It serves to remind us that deceivers are still alive and busily active, especially with Pretender-elect Joke Biden coming up.

  • The United States of America was doing better than it had ever done under any president with President Trump at the helm and it was coming back together as well before the Corona virus was unleashed (intentionally) on the world by China. Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer nor any so called democrat today can or will bring the United States back together. Right now it appears we are going to have four years to learn exactly that. And those years are going to be very dark years indeed. You see it is impossible to say you are bringing people back together and then call them names and declare them stupid. For that matter it is not an acceptable “bringing together statement” to say Trump supporters need to be re-programmed (just like the Chinese communist re-education camps) to accept socialist communism and expect them to willingly accept re-programming because real Americans will never do that! America is made up of people who think for themselves. It is impossible to bring people, at least American people, together with hate and hate permeates the total socialist democrat party. They would have to use force and force will definitely face resistance. Especially people like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and dozens upon dozens of others just like them. There is no shortage of their kind in the so called democrat party. The democrat party is overflowing with those who hate. In fact has become the party of hate!

    Who thinks Americans will rally around destroying the constitution when the constitution itself is what keeps this nation together as well as making it so uniquely exceptional. Schumer wants to change the US and the world. He said so when he was predicting a win in the Georgia run off. Seems he knew about the fraud being perpetrated there to.

    In the final analysis the only thing that can ever bring people together is prosperity and that is one thing democrats have never provided the American people. Prosperity and high taxes are not compatible and are never in the same place. The democrats are great at raising taxes. In order for America to flourish for another 240 plus years the government power must be reigned in and it must be downsized. Otherwise communism is in Americas future. Make no mistake about that! The larger the government the more likely it will become socialistic and the likelihood it will become all powerful. That is exactly why Obama expanded the government so much. It was not to produce jobs!

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