John Sullivan aka ‪Jayden X was among those who breached the US Capitol on Jan 6th. He is an activist allying BLM & Antifa as the founder of Insurgence USA. He was arrested July of 2020 in Utah on charges of rioting, making a threat of violence and criminal mischief after organizing a protest at which an elderly man was shot.

John’s organization openly advocates for revolution and he previously made threats toward the Capitol and President Trump, while speaking at an event in DC. 

In the Aug 28, 2020 video he says, “We f****ing about to burn this s*** down… We got to defend ourselves because power to the people… We got to f****ing rip Trump out of that office right there, f****ing pull him out that s***… Nah, nah. We ain’t about… waiting until the next election we about to get that mother f***er.”

In video he posted of the Jan 9 Capitol breaching, titled “Shooting and Storming Of The US Capitol In Washington DC” this same threatening rhetoric is heard. He says “we gotta burn this, we gotta burn this down.”

When protestors instruct each other NOT to deface the statues, John responds “well, people might burn this down, I’m not gonna lie, it might be too late for that.”

His video captures himself making “rip him out of there” threats toward President Trump, mirroring his prior threats. 


John claims and the media reports that he “was just there to film” on the Jan 6th Capitol breach but that doesn’t match his words and actions both shown on the videos he has uploaded to his “JaydenX” YouTube account nor the messages we have received that he and other comrades posted in his chat group.

The facts are as follows:

John Sullivan had prior knowledge of a storm on the Capitol, he writes 

“Tomorrow is the big purge

Let the chuds kill them selves 

They are storming the Capitol building here in DC

So I’ve heard 

They are not going after BLM plaza”


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  • the truth will come out either way.

  • the Pravda/Goebbels propagandists will continue their lies but everyone with a functioning brain knows it was the devildemocommiecrat brown shirt thugs that caused the problems!!!!!

  • When the guilty go free and the innocent are incarcerated there is no option left but to unify and march on the oppressors... removing them from office becomes a mandate if one wants to live, not a choice...

    • I do wonder though if those today have the same attitude as did those at Lexington and Concord and those founders who put their lives on the line to create a free and great nation? The democrats and the 'give me' crowd definitly do not.

  • You would have to believe in the tooth fairy and the easter bunny if you think that Trump supporters were the instigators of this. This was Antifa and probably BLM.

    • Can't remember where I read it but Antifa stated they would be at the protest with a big surprise. And I wouldn't be surprised if certain Democrats aren't behind them.

    • Well, guess what.... the Tooth Ferry is now in charge of the DOJ... hold on to your teeth.

  • I agree that the majority of people who broke into Congress were BLM, Antifa, and Democrats. When will we ever hear the truth?

    • I saw a number of people guided by a rope line. I believe they were Trump supporters who were invited to walk through the open doors. Then there were the infiltrators who moved in unison with the actual Trump supporters and institgated the mayhem. What better way to blame Trump and his supporters by making it seem that the hidden anti-Trumpers was one of them?

    • Diane, you are correct, Maga people were invited in and the devildemocommiecrat thugs barged in and began doing what they do, riot and destroy!!!!!

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