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    • I did not suggest domestic, or conventional combat.  And I don't forsee anything at all like that.  I suggested such forces might be required to secure illegal and treasoneous civil, political actions that are now passing as legal and proper.  Borders can be secure and secured without combat.  Guard duty doesn't necessarily devolve into urban combat.  Neither do lock downs, or the imposition of temporary martial law.  Colonels and generals are outranked by the command in chief.  They are not necessary when they can not be trusted.  They can be cut out and side lined for the good of the republic, while the republic is being secured.

      Yeah well I'm not going to invade Iraq, or Afghanistan, but I do know how to secure railways, bridges, crossroads and radio stations, cities, major thorough fares airport runways and towers and everything that moves on, or through them.  What you're really afraid of is anything that doesn't need you, anything you and your messmates can't sabotage through the chain of command.  And to be sure, I don't imagine corrupt state politicans and bureaucrats are going to raise any level of conflict at all.  Take a look around.  The opposition consists of BLM and ANTIFA; Soros operations.  Tactile operation's centers are needed sure, but security and stabilization can be effected over limited and localized objectives without them and short term by civilian oversight, if it is competent and planned and kept in the loop.  We do and will need heavy MP and SJA support.  Alexander the Great cut the Gordian knot.  He didn't unravel it.  The establishment has over lapping and interlocking fields of fire everywhere, over lapping and interlocking fields of power and influence.  One way or another the knot will have be cut, or nothing will ever move again.  What we are seeing is the deconstruction and devolvement of America in favor of corporate power unopposed and unaccountable to anyone outside of their boardroom.  It is challenged by bold decesive action, or it submits meekly in chains.

    • Lopez

      If there is any doubt about your qualification to evaluate the use of the Military for martial law or to augment civil authority it is forever gone... you DON"T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. Only a fool ventures into a debate where they have no real foundation in the subject. Your analysis of my positions on just about everything is also grossly uninformed and your responses are riddled with a bias due to my former role in the military.  Your words carry an innate contempt for authority

      Your rant ignores my record here over the last ten plus 10yrs... railing against the corruption in local, state, and federal government. I have been a champion of  Ronald Reagan, Ross Perot, and Donald Trump... I have regaled and supported Rush Limbaugh and a whole host of organizations that are considered hard right causes. My record of conservative positions decries the dribble above. Search this site using the term 'martial law' and read what I have stated. Conduct other searches and you will find I am consistent and have warned of the corruption in the military for several years, not just recently

      Recants to some of your uninformed comments regarding my positions follow:

      Grand Juries are the PEOPLE's door to equal justice under the law... a properly functioning Grand Jury operates as an independent body reviewing evidence of criminal conduct and issuing indictments for prosecution where warranted. The Grand Jury is run by private citizens selected from a jury pool.. they are not agents of the prosecutor or Judges. It is the Grand Jury that constitutionally is to issue indictments for Felonies... not prosecutors.

      Thus the Grand Jury is in the driver's seat on who is or is not prosecuted... not some AG or prosecutor. Prosecutorial discretion is unlawful, unconstitutional, and is behind much of the duality in law enforcement... permitting a lawyer to decide who is and is not prosecuted. The Grand Jury System needs to be revived to ensure it receives all complaints directly from the public and law enforcement (bypassing prosecutorial interference)... this will ensure private citizens and their groups are permitted to bring COMPLAINTS against corrupt government officials directly to the Jury for indictment.  Did you hear that Hillary Clinton and George Soros?  No more two-tiered judicial system.

      On Martial law and the use of the military to augment civil law and authority... Do a search on martial law using the search engine for the Tea Party and read about my position on Martial law ... its legal application and uses in civil emergencies, etc. I am a proponent of the Lawful use of Martial law and military support for insurrection, open lawlessness, natural disasters, etc. Your comments on this issue and my position are ludicrous and ignore both the authority for deploying martial law and the law governing its use. You are not informed or qualified to engage in debate on this issue, as you are not an authority on martial law period.

      Next, your command of history is like the rest of your jibberish... unintelligible and misinformed. First, your pontification on insurgency and domestic terrorism activities is uninformed and lacks a basis in fact and doctrine. It is thru agents of domestic terror that radicals coerce governments to acquiesce to their demands. It is not the military's primary duty to intervene in counter-terrorism, border, and infrastructure security.  Those tasks are fraught with legal problems for using the US Military and in most cases are not an efficient use of military power... except for defending the nation's borders. Security for key infrastructure is a state, federal, and private security function.. not a US Military mission. Of Course, once Martial Law is imposed the US military becomes a key element in the defense of infrastructure, borders, and both private and government property.

      There are many more issues concerning your representations of my positions... Let us just say that you have not done your research on my positions... they are consistently conservative.

    • How about, let's just say who gives a hoot, about your positions?  Who are you to say who is qualified to offer opinions and potential solutions?  What exactly have you accomplished with all your nay saying and directional instructions to your fellow tea party members?  I've seen enough of your positions to see all you ever seem to propose is that whatever should, or could be done must be rejected on the basis of some technicality, or legality that says it can't be done. 

      You keep making me and my arguments all proponents of martial law and civil war.  While I am not afraid of proper authority using martial law, that is a gross mischaracterization.  Furthermore, sending troops to reinforce the border against foreigh invasion isn't martial law.  Sending Troops to have boots on the ground is not necessarily the implementation of martial law either.  Should a military force be sent to accompany marshalls who in turn were sent to make an arrest is also not the declaration of martial law much less the beginning of civil war.

      I have no need to argue perpetually with you.  You are an impediment to action and solutions as well.  That does not constitute a call for civil war.  Neither is it a call for violence.  We do call for leaders.  We have no need whatsoever for sea anchors.  We see the tea party as independent of the Republican Party.  I hope the tea party can accomodate an open forum and I don't give a damn what you think any longer.  Formal, status quo opinions in support of deadlocked process is what has brought us here today.  We need activists.  The Sons of Liberty were radical activists in suppor of freedom.  I call them patriots

    • Who am I... how about a 26yr veteran retired Colonel, 0-6 who has professional training and experience in the field as a commander thru Brigade and a staff officer at the army level... I am a graduate of the Officers Career Course, the Command and General Staff College, and a host of other technical and tactile specialty courses.  So, I believe I am well qualified to discuss the military subjects at hand.

      Who are you and what are your qualifications for such an undertaking?

    • There are levels of conflict in all engagements... securing the border from drug cartels can involve low-level combat with heavily armed and well-equipped drug cartels... as it already has... no commander would send his men into an environment without being equipped to handle the worst case scenario... which is low-level combat engagements on the border.

      Next, lawless sanctuary cities and insurrection are scenarios where sporadic low-level combat engagements may be expected...  Military units operating in those areas would be expected to be prepared for such events..  deploying armor and small arms in a show of force is often all that is needed to break up unlawful assembly and riot.  the use of military direct fire weapons and modified combined arms tactics can be expected.

      Ovelapping fields of power...  Oh lol, like Congress and most state governments. The reason Martial Law is declared is because those overlapping powers lost control of the government and chaos rules the streets. So by all means call up Al Sharpton and Sen Schummer, invite them in as a bipartisan civil force for governing... you have to be nuts.  The US Military operates under the concept of singularity of command.. it doesn't function well with multiple lines of command... There is only one chain of command and it isn't the local mayor or governor. Once federal martial law is declared any functioning civil authority is suspended as stipulated in the Order.

    • P/S

      We could cut the number of senior officers (Colonel and up) in half, without affecting combat readiness... We also need to reduce the amount of contract services the US Military uses... the military has become over dependant on contract services that under full-scale war would not be available. 

    • First, we have to save America.  Without the republic surviving as a constitutional, democratic republic no one cares about the officer corp.  Here's another take from someone better able to give an informed point of view.  You can color me a back woods man, but this gentleman certainly is not.  And anyway, back woods men are what made this republic.

      • David Faulkner August 19, 2021 at 4:19pm 

        The destruction of leadership in the US DoD began during the Clinton Administration and the Pentagon Leadership of that time was fully complicit.  The US Military had just finished what appeared to be a very successful war against Iraq immediately following the collapse of the Soviet Union, another American victory.  In every year group, there is a TOP 50% and a BOTTOM 50%.  Historically, the TOP 50% of officers went to resident Command and General Staff College and then on up the ranks to COL and above while the Bottom 50% did good to just make it to retirement with about 80% of that Bottom 50% being riffed.  During the Clinton Years, the DoD began offering $60K to $120K to officers to depart Service.  TOP 50%ers knew they were competitive enough to get high paying jobs on the outside and there was the mentality of many that since they had gone to war, seen the elephant, and won that they have checked the block for what inspired them to serve in the first place.  I was in the top 1% of my year group and considered taking the payout and moving on, but saw that this policy was going to ruin leadership in the long run, so I decided to remain.  After my 3rd Battery Command, I left big Army to become a Middle East Foreign Area Officer after being recruited by Pentagon FAO managers.  (I spoke several Middle Eastern Languages at the time.)  Five years later I came back to serve in my Basic Branch (i.e. back to big Army) and was appalled by what I witnessed.  As a promotable Major, frocked to LTC, I had Majors, Captains, and NCOs (SSGT, SFC, MSG) who needed to have someone show them how to go to the latrine.  They had NO leadership ability and were just marking time and drawing a paycheck.  I had O-6, O-7 and O-8 commanders that were just as bad.  No competence in operational art, just a bunch of politicians and suck-ups.  That was the beginning of the end and what you see in the Pentagon and Unified Combatant Commands today if compared based on leadership and competency to the Vietnam Generation, these current officers would have never made it to LTC.

        Don't diddle around Colonel.  You're either about the republic, or you're not.  We aren't talking about re-arranging the deck chairs, or reviewing the number of senior officers, contract services.

      David Faulkner
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    • Armies need senior leaders... battalions don't operate independently of each other regardless of what others may think... deployment above company task force requires the commitment of assets and resources beyond the internal assets available to Battalion level leadership.  Colonels and Flag Officers are necessary to resource and coordinate the overall execution of military engagements involving Battalion level commitment.   See my previous comments on this subject for more elucidation as to why. 

  • Two effin' LOSERS in charge of America's military!!  Can it get any worse than this?!?

    • Not much... worse.  I suppose inviting China's and Russia's military to deploy its units to the USA or for critical joint exercises could make it worse.

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