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  • What's new the Secretary of State thinks Karzi is still president of Afghanistan ... he left in 2014.  Is anyone in the Biden Administration competent?  I see Bagdad Bob is now in charge of scripting for press briefings.

    • It truly is a joke, a Saturday night skit.

  • Mediocre leadership is unraveling the Republic... voters no longer hold the franchise on our elections.  Those who count the votes determine the outcome, not the popular vote.  Revolution is n the wings and with it the sure intervention of foreign powers... we are in serious, serious crisis and it is no longer isolated in places like Afghanistan or Iraq... it is in our living rooms and back yards... in our streets and public institutions.  It is time for REAL and EFFECTIVE leadership.

    • You speak truth, Col. We are in trouble.  We need national repentence and God's intervention.

    • I can't imagine anyone quibbling with your post.

  • Defense Secretary Austin and General Milley, both lying liberals, looked like they were caught in one of their lies.  Austin should be fired and Milley should lose his stars and be court martialed.

  • I think we need to put Milley and Austin on the  ground so they can reconoiter personally.

  • These people are fools and because of this, they have caused the greatest military defeat in our history.  Because of this, the Americans in all territories controlled by the Taliban WILL now  be slaughtered! Remember, Obama Soros and Clinton are standing right behind Biden while these decisions are being made. This is where hateTrump has gotten us. 
          Trump was a REAL President! He said two years ago that he was going to get out of Afghanistan on HIS time line which was Obama's war that we shouldn't have been in in the first place. He would have a peace agreement with the Taliban that WE could control, not before. Until then, HE was leaving 25,000 troops there to protect our people and our military bases. HE was the president that promised to give payback100 fold if they harmed ANY American citizen, and they didn't! HE was the president that promised to get our citizens out first if everything goes south. I hope the Biden voters finally see what they have done to our country Because it has cost us everything! . 


    • They are far from fools.  They are traitirs and very competent.  They are destroying America with the full authority and backing of the rulers

  • The destruction of leadership in the US DoD began during the Clinton Administration and the Pentagon Leadership of that time was fully complicit.  The US Military had just finished what appeared to be a very successful war against Iraq immediately following the collapse of the Soviet Union, another American victory.  In every year group, there is a TOP 50% and a BOTTOM 50%.  Historically, the TOP 50% of officers went to resident Command and General Staff College and then on up the ranks to COL and above while the Bottom 50% did good to just make it to retirement with about 80% of that Bottom 50% being riffed.  During the Clinton Years, the DoD began offering $60K to $120K to officers to depart Service.  TOP 50%ers knew they were competitive enough to get high paying jobs on the outside and there was the mentality of many that since they had gone to war, seen the elephant, and won that they have checked the block for what inspired them to serve in the first place.  I was in the top 1% of my year group and considered taking the payout and moving on, but saw that this policy was going to ruin leadership in the long run, so I decided to remain.  After my 3rd Battery Command, I left big Army to become a Middle East Foreign Area Officer after being recruited by Pentagon FAO managers.  (I spoke several Middle Eastern Languages at the time.)  Five years later I came back to serve in my Basic Branch (i.e. back to big Army) and was appalled by what I witnessed.  As a promotable Major, frocked to LTC, I had Majors, Captains, and NCOs (SSGT, SFC, MSG) who needed to have someone show them how to go to the latrine.  They had NO leadership ability and were just marking time and drawing a paycheck.  I had O-6, O-7 and O-8 commanders that were just as bad.  No competence in operational art, just a bunch of politicians and suck-ups.  That was the beginning of the end and what you see in the Pentagon and Unified Combatant Commands today if compared based on leadership and competency to the Vietnam Generation, these current officers would have never made it to LTC.

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