Sec. Pompeo Brands Bolton a Traitor

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    • I agree with Leon & Diane, I too, was a Bolton fan.  He had his good points but, somewhere he jumped the fence.  I believe in a very strong military but, because you are strong does not mean that you are always correct.  When you stray you must back up and with the proper guidance, stay strong.  When he jumped the fence, he got stuck in his own muck.


    • I was the same, Diane. I originally supported Bolton, partly bc he was hawkish... then discovered he was actually over-the-top hawkish advising war on multiple fronts right out of the gate with little concern for attempting other routes first. I'm no softie but i think he's a war monger. 

  • Bolton is a traitor and deserves to have his American citizenship revoked and he purged from our country!!

    • Not sure how many readers remember the story of the "Man Without a Country' (Army lieutenant Philip Nolan), who lost his American citiezenship after having been convicted of treason and spent the rest of his life aboard a ship never being permitted to land on any other countries shores. And it seems he did far less than the traitor Bolton. (Nolan simply yelled out his anger during the trail of Arron Burr)

    • Won't happen! 
      if we can't revoke the fraudulent citizenship of Ilhan Omar and remove her from our country! We can't remove a disappointing fraud like Bolton either.


  • I used to admire Bolton but what he is doing now is unbelievable.  He is truly a trailor and deserves only contempt.

    • I was so shocked by this!  I too once liked Bolton's comentary whenever he was on FOX News and was actually glad when Trump trusted him enough to offer him an important job.    What the heck happened???    What is really sad about this is that President Trump thought that Bolton was a friend.  Friends do not stab his friend in the back.   I am so ashamed that someone who was trusted by President Trump tuned out to be a dishonorable traitor...not only to his country, but to the trust of a sitting president.   He will make tons of money on his book of lies, but the money will eat away at him as everyone will remember him with malice as a traitor to a of the worst things a person can do.   People do not forget things like this.   Bolton will be a sad and lonely guy in his old age,hated by everyone!



    • he is no friend at all.


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