Sec. Pompeo Brands Bolton a Traitor

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  • the Democrats is desperately want to destroy Donald Trump.

  • There is a 28-page document published by the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) that is very complex and detailed regarding what, when and how one may publish a book based on one's government employment...

    In addition, there are separate statutory law and individual departmental rules regarding the publishing of books based on one's government employment... Bolton is said to have violated the law and may well have as the list of prohibited disclosures and methods of obtaining permission and timing for the release of any book published by senior executive service and presidential appointees.

    See: for an official copy of the OGE's summary and memorandum for engaging in book deals by senior level executives in the government.  It is quite complex.…
  • Whereas President Trump was not a professional politician he has had to rely on recommendations for appointments to positions throughout his presidentcy from imbedded politicans. He appointed , evaluated and removed and replaced personell as they progressed in thier duties. He has had to replace Generals, Advisors and Staff that did no align with his vision for the country. Those he considered worthy  and productive he kept . Others who would not adhere to his policies he fired. As with Bolton the war hawk. Now Bolton wants to profit off the innermost confidental relationship of his lost position reguardless of the implied damage he could cause from his interptation iof the thoughts of the President. A deep State money grubbing slim ball. I for one would never buy his trash. May bad luck befall him.

  • He's also a HUGE P.O.S.!

  • I'd pay to see him prosicuted and   hung by the neck until dead.. I still think that Nikkie Hallie left the state dept because of him..

  • Bolton LIED. He wrote that Trump supported China's concentration camps. It was exactly the opposite, Trump went on record saying China should respect human rights and religious freedom. 

  • Bolton is not a Marxist... he is a GLOBALIST and hardcore pragmatist..  a 'new world order' sycophant loyal to the BUSH era royalty and their particular brand of betrayal.

  • Bolton, like so many of our politicians and deep state players, is a self-serving criminal  His career is over (having betrayed both political parties) and is now left to peddle books to sustain his lifestyle. The best way to difuse him is to refuse to talk about him or buy his book. Simply let him fade away into obscurity. (where he belongs)

    • Anyone who goes against Trump is part of the deep state and a self-servig criminal. In contrast to these losers, Trump is sacrifizing himself for the good of the country. He selflessly works 24/7 to make America great again, and he has done a fantastic job in the last 3 1/2 years. America is so much better already. I hope he will give us many more years of his great leadership.

  • At one time I respected Bolton but no more. He has proved himself a backstabber. To release such outlandish untruths before the election only proves to me that he is a traitor out to deny Trump a second term and allow the socialists/communists to take control of the government. 

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