Ongoing “anti-police” protests in Seattle descended into a riot yet again on Sunday as demonstrators set off a “large explosion” near a police car, sending at least one Seattle police officer to the hospital with injuries.

“The protest began in the Seattle neighborhood of SoDo around 7 p.m., with an estimated 100 people marching on foot with cars following behind them, according to a Monday morning press release by the Seattle Police Department,” Fox News reported Monday. “They made their way to the building that houses the Seattle Police Officer Guild and, within hours, the demonstration turned violent.”

Although the protests in Seattle have been routinely destructive, Sunday’s protest saw the use of a large incendiary device, apparently designed to injure police officers and inflict maximum damage.

“Multiple explosives were thrown toward officers,” Seattle’s police department said in a statement. “Several officers were struck by explosives and injured.”

Photos, obtained by Fox News, show one officer with lacerations to his neck and below his eye and what looks to be a large bruise just below his eye socket. Another photo shows an officer with burns to the back of his neck, just below his hairline.

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  • I don't know why Trump isn't moving to stop this  It way beyond the pail.  It's now way beyond any reason or justification.  I feel like we are abetting the chaos by NOT stopping it. There's got to be some reason beyond allowing the Left to show themselves for what they are. And if this is tolerated, what the hell will they do when/if Trump wins?????   We're looking a growing war either way. Oh and will someone please tell me how it is that Soros is allowed to operate without any efforts to stop him?????  Looking at the scenario we are in I can't help but wonder who it is besides the names we know is behind this. If it is as I suspect a global effort, isn't this an act of war???  

    • there is nothing he can do about it because if he does the BLM, Antifa will attack him in every way and we have been living in a lawlessness generation for a long time.

    • Yes, Valerie... these incidents of insurrection are organized, planned, and directed at destroying our government... making them acts of war.

      However, it appears that AG Barr and the legal minds in the White House are giving the  President; dung for advice.  Either that or the President simply fears what's next... if he declares martial law there is no going back and thousands will need to be arrested, held for indictment and trial... it will take months under Martial Law to clean the swamp out.  

      However, the alternative is worse... doing nothing will only guarantee more violence, loss of life and place our nation at risk of all-out Civil War... If the President acts now to assert Constitutional authority and jails a few thousand it would likely end the riots and insurrection... in time for a normal, go to the polls and vote election.  If we have mail-in ballots it's over folks they will produce millions of votes out of thin air... election fraud will be rampant and massive.

    • Either way, this election will require extended time to resolve. At least I think so.  We may not be counting "hanging chads" but it will painfully long and drawn out. And that's a best case scenario. I agree mail-in ballots will be an invitation to increased fruad.  that will also create chaos.  It's a no win situation so why not get the damned thing to a head and bite the bullet.  They'll be no resolution to this that will bring peace. I just don't us see us going back to the way we were. 

    • If I knew how to shoot, I'd lock and load. LOLOL


    • I think you are correct. But I know nothing about guns.  And, the fact that if you buy one it's registered and so easy for the powers that be to take away from you.  I too and an "seasoned" citizen as Rush says.  Seems a bit too late to start learning about how to shoot.  

    • Never too late, and there are many millions of firearms in private hands, that are not registered.   In many states, guns do not have to be "regisitered", they just can't be stolen.  Private sales are not illegal in many states, just the Nazi, left wing states.


    • I know we're in very treacherous times.  I don't go out much anyway I paint. That's what keeps me sane.  I will have to look into your suggestions. And, I truly apprecite it.

    • No doubt.....every good American should have arms and learn gun safety and how to shoot!

    • Trump is probably waiting until he wins with another landslide in November again. Once re-elected, he will make his move and impose his authority over the entire country so that he can clean up this mess and rid the USA of these anti-American forces. We know that he is the man of the hour who needs to step in to save our Republic and our way of life, our freedom and liberties.

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