• Most of the Media is Fake News that is one reason our President Donald J Trump uses Twitter to get his messages out to the Public another good source is & OAN

  • MSNBC doesn't REPORT... they CREATE NEWS... like all of the MSM MSNBC is in the businesses of creating a narrative conducive to their political ideology... in this case a hard left view of the world.

  • I believe the Media began their transition from reporting the news to managing the news and finally to CREATING THE NEWS over the past 5-6 decades... beginning in the late '50s and early '60s.  It has been a slow process marked by a steady and relentless drift in the ideological view of the Media from the right of center to the hard, hard left.   I don't know if we can even call the News today News... the Media has become the propaganda arm of the socialist movement in America and most of the free world.

    The daily newscasts and reports almost always follow a single track narrative... exposing it for what it is.. .propaganda not news.

    • Colonel-Tend to agree with your suggested timing. Originally, I did believe MSM started "creating news" during the Vietnam War, but when I stop and think back, it most likely occurred while we were in Korea as well.  I graduated high school in '55 and wasn't quite as "tuned in" then, as I was later on.

    • Wonderfully stated!!!

  • the media is not reliable or truthful since about the year 1750,

    in the early 1800s the Whig Political Party kicks out a whole bunchy bunch of ne'er do wells, miscreants, thieves, thugs, politicians, psychoes, attorneys and lawyers, they go off and form the DemoNcRAT party, under Lucifer Bastard Johnson and Barrack 0bamanation they turn on their after burners in their downhill journey

  • I was watching a news program about 55 years ago. I was realizing that they could say about anything they wanted to and I wouldn't be able to make heads or tails. It made my stomach queasy. I shut it off and never watched another one. Hope I haven't missed much LOL. DEFUND THE MSM!! Never pay them for anything, never advertise with them

  • The media is just the Left Hand (of the demoKKKrat jackass party)

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