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On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “OutFront,” Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) stated that President Trump’s actions “were responsible for what happened this weekend” in Seattle and “we are seeing the dry run for martial law.” Durkan also stated that the best way to bring peace to the city “is to bring more justice to the systems.”

Durkan said, “We don’t need the help that the president’s offering, and, in fact, I think the president’s actions have directly escalated and were responsible for what happened this weekend. Many people who were interviewed by media said they came to the protest because of what’s happening in Portland. The protest itself was billed as something in solidarity with Portland. And so, we are — today, I requested the Department of Homeland Security — since there was no actions directed against the federal properties here — to ask them to remove the standby team that they have.”

Host Erin Burnett then asked, “Let me ask you, mayor, because some of these images, they’re ugly. I mean, a Starbucks destroyed in the protests, a construction site for a juvenile detention facility set on fire, Seattle police say officers were burned when protesters threw explosive devices at them, and look, a lot of what’s happening here, this is not peaceful. This is just violent and destructive, and the president says he thinks mayors like you are refusing his help and those standby forces because he’s the one offering it. Does he have a point?”

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  • What a question. My answer is does a bear s---it in the woods? ?Or coarse that President has a point.

  • Dumd Twat! 

  • Arrest her. She's aiding the enemy!

  • Seattle's Mayor has enough egg on her face to build an omelette. But I oppose "Martial Law" as a remedy for "Antifa," a cowardly garbage heap of domestic terrorists. Rather, Antifa must be surgically crushed  in the cities and states whose Mayors and Governors provide them with safe harbor. The burden of Martial Law would unfairly punish America's larger contingent of law abiding citizens. 

  • The "dry run for martial law" in fact has been the unfettered use of Executive Orders by state and federal government to impose restrictions and lockdowns on our people. The recent "bait-and-switch" run by California Gov Newsom was a perfect example of this. He softens the quarantine orders, there is a predictable spike in COVID (though we cannot trust the statistics as to how great that spike was) because having been isolated at home we are now more in contact with other people, so the virus is communicated (in the vastly overwhelming number of cases, communicated without harm). Newsom then retracts the order softening quarantine and tells businesses to shut down  again (and squashes the right of peaceful assembly in churches). And the result? Nary a peep. So now our overlords know that they can jerk us around like a toy on  string and nobdy will rise up in opposition. This is the true introduction of martial law, but it doesn't bother politicians and media one bit

  • It's about time that President Trump asserts his authority and starts to impose his authority on the entire country. He needs to set some examples with prosecutions and harsh punishments of the deep state like mayor durkan, if he wants all others to fall in line. Enough already!

  • I agree we need MORE JUSTICE... starting with this Mayor's arrest for failing to protect her citizen's civil rights... the right to safe and secure use of public areas and businesses.... the right to walk down a public street without being assaulted or having their property set aflame...  This Mayor, City Council, and Governor need to be in jail ... for a long, long time.... people have died due to their failure to protect the public from domestic terrorism.

    • Here is a brief citing the law making it a crime for public officials to fail in their duty to protect local citizens against civil rights violations thru unequal enforcement of the laws or failure to provide the protection of one's Constitutional RIghts.. it is a crime... arrest the Mayor, Chief of Police and City Council... for aiding and abetting domestic terrorism and failure to protect CItizens Constitutional and civil rights.

    • Link to Brief cited above....
  • This woman is dumb as a rock!  

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