Fox News’ Sean Hannity said that the U.S. Senate needs “new leadership” and called on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to step down from his position as leader of the Republicans in the Senate.

Hannity directed the opening monologue of “Hannity” at McConnell and criticized him for his inconsistency in supporting President Donald Trump, as well as trying to reassert establishment control over the Republican Party.

“Senator McConnell would have more credibility with, now, his new eagerness to re-establish the Republican moderates and establishment wing of the party and repudiate President Trump, if he were consistent,” Hannity said, “but ultimately, this is why Americans voted for Donald Trump and not 17 other establishment Republicans.”

McConnell used his floor speech at the Tuesday reconvening of the Senate to criticize Trump over the Jan. 6 riot that resulted in a pro-Trump mob storming the Capitol. There is reportedly a “50-50 chance” that McConnell will vote to convict Trump in an impeachment trial.

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    • they will just ignore any amendments we add just as they ignore everything that doesn't suit them now.  The only way to succeed is to clean house and start over.  We the People must start fresh as our founders did, throw out the satanic corrupt ones and begin again!!!!!  I don't believe the gop is salvageable, too much corruption, even at the state level as I experienced in 2012!!!!!

    • John, the COS will just be ignored, the deep state, including the TRAITOR mcconnell.  They don't recognize the Constitution as valid!!!!!

    • Then the only avenue remaining open to us is civil war.  What do we do?  Contact our friendly neighborhood militia and go after them?

    • I am not physically able to go after them due to paralysis from a severe stroke.  I am not sure how to go about it but We the People need to clean the corruption out, abolish the bureaucracy, and start over with honest people who will serve the people not their own selves.

    • mitch the bitch TRAITOR couldn't lead a horse to water if he was crossing a river!!!!!

  • Yes, think is time to go!

  • God yes, McConnell has got to Go!!!!!!!  He's a useless old fool  The Republicans in the Senate with half a brain need to shove McConnell out the door!!!!!  Never have i seen a bunch of people who act like a bunch of bungling idiots like the Republicans.  There is so much DAMN DANGLING FRUIT to grab and destroy from the socialist commie liberals it isn't even funny!!!

    • Precisely put, Cathy!

    • cathy, they aren't idiots, they are TRAITORS, all but 6 or 7!!!!!

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