Fox News’ Sean Hannity said that the U.S. Senate needs “new leadership” and called on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to step down from his position as leader of the Republicans in the Senate.

Hannity directed the opening monologue of “Hannity” at McConnell and criticized him for his inconsistency in supporting President Donald Trump, as well as trying to reassert establishment control over the Republican Party.

“Senator McConnell would have more credibility with, now, his new eagerness to re-establish the Republican moderates and establishment wing of the party and repudiate President Trump, if he were consistent,” Hannity said, “but ultimately, this is why Americans voted for Donald Trump and not 17 other establishment Republicans.”

McConnell used his floor speech at the Tuesday reconvening of the Senate to criticize Trump over the Jan. 6 riot that resulted in a pro-Trump mob storming the Capitol. There is reportedly a “50-50 chance” that McConnell will vote to convict Trump in an impeachment trial.

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    • It seriously looks like the Rapture is imminent.  Those siding with satan and soros (democrats, their voters, and deep state gop hacks) will wish they had made better decisions when we Christians disappear in the twinkling of an eye!!!!!

    • In addition, no 21 gun salute for the fraud but there was a 21 gun salute for Trump. Backs turned on chynajoe. Chyna took his "oath" on luciferian Bible with upside-down cross, kamala put her clutch purse between her hand and the Bible. Can't touch a Bible if one is luciferian. All exposed in Marshall Report.

  • This swamp rat or shall I say sewer rat needed to go 30 years ago.

    • Jim, it is so much more than him.  So many RINOs; so little time.  House and senate both.  New party?  80,000,000 votes divided into two camps.  Will our camp, party, have enough votes in it after division, to beat the libtards?

  • Turtle Begone!

  • mcconnell is a TRAITOR and ccp puppet!!!!!

    • Bob, do not forget that Rep. McCarthy is also a RINO.  No, he has not changed.  He just donned a new coat while Trump ruled.  Trump's gone.  Off comes the coat.  Same old RINO McCarthy.

    • John, every one of the "leaders" of the gop are deep state TRAITORS or they don't get the positions.  They have to sell their souls to satan to advance in the gop!!!!!

    • I know of what you speak.  That makes corruption systemic.  It does not make everyone a traitor, however.  It does make everyone sinful, but not a Judas.  Having said that, try to imagine how people get positions of any rank without systemic corruption involved.  Government is the problem.

    • Anyone who sides with upchuck schumer against the Constitution is a TRAITOR!!!!!  That goes WAY beyond corruption!!!!!

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