Fox News’ Sean Hannity said that the U.S. Senate needs “new leadership” and called on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to step down from his position as leader of the Republicans in the Senate.

Hannity directed the opening monologue of “Hannity” at McConnell and criticized him for his inconsistency in supporting President Donald Trump, as well as trying to reassert establishment control over the Republican Party.

“Senator McConnell would have more credibility with, now, his new eagerness to re-establish the Republican moderates and establishment wing of the party and repudiate President Trump, if he were consistent,” Hannity said, “but ultimately, this is why Americans voted for Donald Trump and not 17 other establishment Republicans.”

McConnell used his floor speech at the Tuesday reconvening of the Senate to criticize Trump over the Jan. 6 riot that resulted in a pro-Trump mob storming the Capitol. There is reportedly a “50-50 chance” that McConnell will vote to convict Trump in an impeachment trial.

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    • I'm on board with turning our back on the RINO / Republican party .I am Praying that Trump will announce the creation of the Patriots Party. 

    • I woudn't call it  The Patriot Party because  there are just too many opinions about what constitutes patriotism. Call it the Constitution Party. There is only one U.S. Constitution and it defines itself. I support it as written and will join those in a new party dedicated to it, just don't call it a Patriot Party.

    • Weeding out the RINOs may be difficult at first.  You usually don't see their true colors until they have been in office for a while.  Still, there are a number of them, especailly among the newly elected group that look like they have the potential to stand up for what they  believe in regardeless of the opposition they face.  Madison Cawthorn comes to mind.  He gave a great speech at the RNC and seems to be fearless.  I think he will make a great Congressman, but will ultimately need to distance himself from the failed Republican Party.  I've been hearing a lot of talk that a third party never works.  That is not entirely true.  The Republcian Party grew from the ashes of the Whig Party.  It seems to me that it's now time for a new Party to grow out of the ashes of the Republican Party.

    • Yes and no.  Thanks for responding, Mark!  If they have been in office since BO, look at their record.  If they have been in office during Trump, look at their record again, especially the impeachment eras.  If they were in state offices, again check out their record and ascertain how conservative they have been.  Investigate their memberships in associations.  Check their social site writings and posts. Absolutely, inquire if they would leave the GOP and join the Patriot Party.  Speeches are nice (Barack Obama at the DNC convention years before being a candidate), but records are explicit as are writings and memberships.  Roads always take us to their ultimate destination.  Take the road twice and you will arrive at the same destination.  Stay with the GOP and arrive at the intersection of corruption and big business.  Try a new road: Patriot Avenue.  The libertarians and the GOP will lessen our vote totals and we may lose, but eventually the GOP will fold.  Their benefactors will see this early and donate to the dems.  GOP folds early.  Dominion machines.  Does it matter then?  If Trump does what I suspect he is doing, he will be the president and the machines will be deemed illegal.  Many RINOs and dems in jail.  How sweet it will be!

  • It's too late. He did his master's bidding. No one else wants that awful job anyway. 

  • If McConnell and the Senate Republicans fail to support President Trump I will be completely done with the Republican Party and will look to the formation of a third party dedicated to the U.S. Constitution. I see some people calling for a Patriot Party but there are too many opinions about what constitutes patriotism. There is only one U.S. Constitution and it defines itself. I support it as written and will join those in a new party dedicated to it, just don't call it a Patriot Party. 

    • Ernest, no worries. Republicans know that they have to stick by Trump no matter what because they know that supporters like us are 100% loyal to Trump come what may. 

  • McConnell is dirty . His ties to China via his wife need to be exposed and McConnell needs to be impeached. 
    I too have been besieged with requests from Republicans for campaingn donations. I have told them I am no longer a member of the Republican party due to the obvious Republican alignment with the democrat party. McConnell is now gleefully doing Pelosi's dirty business with the goal of the total destruction of Trump and his followers. I pray that Trump will announce a new party, the Patriot party based on the Constitution and the values we hold dear. When Trump does this, he will have  millions of members within a week. The Republican Party is committing suicide by joining ranks with the democrats. I pray that Trump  makes an announcement soon. 

  • I have been getting numerous requests for donations from every Republican organization there is. I advised them that I no longer consider myself a Republican and the time to stop sleepy Joe was when he and his ilk were contributing to VOTER FRAUD

    • I left the gop after they cheated Ron Paul out of the nominatin in 2012!!!!!  Their playbook was the one hitlery and the dnc used against sanders in 2016 and the dnc used against sanders again in 2020!!!!!

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