Mike Lindell TV Releases Irrefutable Election Theft Proof on New Television Special That Features World Renowned Physicist.

On March 31st, Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, released a one-hour television special entitled, Scientific Proof: Internationally Renowned Physicist Absolutely Proves 2020 Election Was Biggest Cyber-Crime in World History.

The special broadcast features Dr. Douglas Frank who holds a Ph.D in Surface Analytical Chemistry for the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Frank is an internationally recognized scientist with over fifty scientific publications. In 1990 Dr. Frank discovered and invented a technique for creating three dimensional images of molecules resting on surfaces. This led to a cover article in Science Magazine, which is the most read science magazine in the world by scientists, and he was on the cover of the Naturwissenschaften, in Europe.

Dr. Frank has spent countless hours since the 2020 election following the data of the election returns county by county across such states as Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Colorado to name a few. Dr. Frank’s scientific and mathematical investigation has revealed that there was absolutely massive cyber fraud in the 2020 election.

In the television special Dr. Frank testifies to host Mike Lindell that deviations and mathematical impossibilities could not have been done by humans, by artificial intelligence and computers that were running before, during, and after the 2020 U.S. election.

Dr. Frank’s investigation reveals that the 2010 national census data was used to manipulate the 2020 election rolls and to inject phantom votes into the election totals. His scientific investigation documented and proved that numerous states throughout America had more people voting than lived in many of the counties.

The injection of the 2010 national census data into the 2020 election rolls facilitated a crime that some experts are calling the largest cyber-crime in world history.

Dr. Frank explains that the 2010 census was used to actually cast votes for voters that had either passed away or no longer lived in the county or state.

In numerous documented cases, voters showed up to vote at their precinct only to be told they had already voted, when in fact, they had not voted. What is now being revealed by the scientific investigation of Dr. Frank is that these Americans had their vote cast for them through a highly sophisticated computer program.

In this television special, Dr. Frank explains to Mike Lindell what tipped him off that a cyber-crime had been committed — not in just a few precincts, counties or swing states, but on a national basis. Dr. Frank also reveals that even in the states President Trump won, the President won those states by larger numbers than was reported.

Scientific Proof is the follow up to the two hour docuMovie, Absolute Proof, that was released on February 5, 2021, and was seen by 70 million people in the first four days of its release, and over 150 million to date across 42 countries. Like Absolute Proof, the executive producers of Scientific Proof are Mike Lindell, Brannon Howse and Mary Fanning and was filmed by WVW Broadcast Network, and directed by Brannon Howse.

To watch the one hour special Scientific Proof now, simply go to

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  • What is to be done about it????

    • that is my question too.

  • It's VITAL that WE ALL SPREAD the WORD to ALL of our friends and family, URGING them to view these HARD EVIDENCE VIDEOS about widespread Election Fraud: ●Scientific Proof (60 min.), ●Unmasked (17 min.), and ●Absolute Proof Trailer (30 min.). 
    ALSO we MUST contact ELECTED OFFICIALS (and use social media) to DEMAND these irrefutable facts be fully investigated and reported.  

    Let's SHARE the HARD EVIDENCE including: statistical, affidavit (thousands!), and technological admissible-in-court-evidence of widespread, verifiable Election Fraud (website above AND much more) INCLUDING: ●Dominion machine algorithms, ●ballot dumping, ●illegals voting, ●dead people voting, ●out-of-state-people voting, ●people voting twice, and ●unconstitutional changes to Election law made by Sec'y of State OR Governor rather than the state legislature as required by law).

    RECALL that TRUMP NEVER LOST anything in COURT: his legal team was denied hearing based on "STANDING" (a subjective decision made by judges), NOT based on "MERIT," so the EVIDENCE of Election Fraud has not even been fully revealed or considered publicly YET (TRUTH WILL COME OUT, and the STATES such as WI and AZ are auditing the data...)

    RASMUSSEN polling shows that 20-30% of DEMOCRATS and 75% of ALL VOTERS think the Election was stolen from TRUMP!   

    Wouldn't it be a GOOD THING is we all embraced the old-school definition of being a "LIBERAL," i.e., simply taking an OBJECTIVE LOOK at the FACTS and FOLLOWING the TRUTH wherever it leads?


    Lindell TV
    LindellTV Please share with everyone you know to help save our country! Scientific Proof To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider up…
  • Resolving the voter ID card issue:- Use the Obama care - (affordable care act) required ID card issued to verify a person's identity in order to prevent monetary medical fraud by dishonest persons. Just add on to this and other ID cards(drivers lic., local sheriff''s office ID card, etc) "US citizen" or "not a US citizen" to help prevent voter fraud. Anyone or any political party that objects to the use of an ID card to vote is a dishonest person or party trying to win an election using fraud. Robert D'Andrea

  • Dems will lie, cheat, steal, murder & feel vindicated in doing so. They are Scarlet O'Hara. 

  • There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the election was rigged. Trump is my President and will do anything to help him get payback for what they did. Also beware, have been receiving requests for money to help Trump but if you go to the end of their begging for money you will find in small print "From the RNC". Do not give them a penny. 

    • Very true, and they haven't got me for a penny! 

  • I am totally convinced that President Donald Trump won the 2020 election and that many Republican senators and congressmen lost because of fraud that I thought could only happen in a third-world country.  

  • I think that the election could have been a fraud.  We will NEVER really have an election that does not lend itself to fraud until we do the following.  One, No Early Voting.  That in itself is a fraud.  Vote on election day just like we did for over two hundred years.  We held elections during the Civil War, World War I and II, during the Korean War and several during the Vietnam conflict.  Just stating that you do not want to wait in line is NOT A REASON to have early voting.  Two, Absentee Ballots must be applied for and only those that will be away from their voting district should receive the absentee ballot.  Three, no state can release their election results until the last state closes down their election, Hawaii.  Four, if your name does not match your voter registration, you cannot vote. Period.  Five, we need a voter ID law.  For some bogus reason, the fake news has convinced many that some Blacks and Blacks only cannot afford a state ID card.  They are free.  We need a photo ID to cash a check, get on a plane, apply for a job, get a loan, get into a bar to drink of alcohol, get a marriage license, get a drivers license, but for some unknown we do not need one to vote.  Go Figure.  

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