• Is it possible that Hunter did this on purpose, maybe he was tired of his father prostituting him all over the world to foreign governments in order to pad Joe's pockets??? Maybe Hunter has some serious issues of his father molesting him and his sister as children??? Even a crackhead knows not to leave ultrasensitive info on your laptop at a repair place, especially "forgetting?" to pick it up. And who's taking all those thousands of pictures and videos that are on the laptop? Maybe Hunter wanted to take them ALL down. Maybe the brutally corrupt in DC and around the world is just as sickening to Hunter and it is to us? Maybe Joe did something to Hunter's Mom that caused her to die, and this is payback time? Who knows?

    • Susan, it MAY be possible but much more likely he left it in a drug induced stupor and had no idea where it was!!!!!


  • The entire government, including bureaucrats is corrupt except for a few republicans, too few and kept out of important posts by the TRAITORS who control the caucus!!!!!!!!!!

    • The few Republians, are the CONSERVATIVE Cacus.


  • What media? we have no media. Just a bunch of scum. Even on Fox, I have not heard one commentator say one word about how the election was stolen. Not even Tucker. I listen mostly to talk shows and get a lot of info from some good websites. Same for the POISON SHOT. Have heard none of them mention the number of deaths there were due to the vaccine. Thankful for Dr. Malone and several oth great patriotic doctors.

    • Shirley, Greg Gutfeld covered the FRAUD extensively!!!!  He is my favorite of the few shows I watch on fox.  Mark Levin also covered it quite a lot at the time and still mentions it occassionally!!!!!!!!!!


    • OAN and Real America Voices are the ONLY true conservative news outlets.

    • Susan, I agree!!!!!  AT&T just removed them from the cable system so I subscribed to their online streaming service for $5 per month.  It is well worth the money to get truth!!!!!!!!!!


    • True. Fox news is being controlled by the likes of Paul Ryan who in my opinion is a Faux Republican.  Fox News is also giving more time to more and more democraps (even adding more demoncraps to their on line contributers)!  Just this last Sunday they even braught on Jan Sakji (sp) as if she doesn't get enough air time to spew her lies.


    • Fox News is controlled opposition, that's all they are. And what makes it really sad they are still trying to convence the conservatives they are fair and balanced reporting...that's BS. Paul Ryan is a deep state globalist establishment swamp rat, along with Romney, Crenshaw, McCarthy, McConnell, Graham, Cheney, Murkowski, Snow...and several more that I'm sure I forgot to list. They ALL need to be out. Big Pharma paid Fox MILLIONS of dollars to promote the clot shots.

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