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  • The incredible jerk, Chuckie Schumer, is but one of many despicable people in the house and senate.  

  • He is a true corrupt politician. The truth is it wasn't 74 million Trump voters:

    How many voted for Bidan?  Consider this...

    5th Grader Logic – Perfect Understanding

    The impossibility of a Biden win is mathematically trivial for a 5th grader to understand. 

    Dominion allocated .74 vote for each DJT vote.  1.26 for every Biden.  Adds up to 2.

    The algorithm.   It keeps every dictator in power and totally fools the people.

    5AM Nov 3rd CNN reported 158 million registered voters in USA. 

    In a high turnout election (going back 200 years) the turnout is not over 65%. 

    For this discussion use 75% to be generous.  Multiply times maximum registered.

    158 million times 75% computes to 118.5 million voting (max). 

    10PM CNN reported DJT got 74 million.    Let that sink in for a moment.

    118.5 minus 74 = 44.5 (million) remaining for Bidan.  Not counting stops/starts over and over.

    When the counting finally stopped Biden got 80 million. 

    80 plus 74 = 154 (million) voter turnout.  IMPOSSIBLE. 

    Now go one step further...reverse the algorithm to get true vote count.  Simple.

    Divide 74 by .74 to get the real number of DJT votes = 100 million.  5th Grade math.

    Hmmm…how many (max) are remaining for Bidan?  118.5 minus 100 = 18.5 million.

    So, do Patriots believe the outcome?  NOT A CHANCE.  Time to fix it, PERIOD!!

    This is an insurrection and our military watched and recorded it all in detail.

    Our military has the Constitutional duty to fix this NOW. 

    There is so much Trump support the military does NOT need to red pill everyone.

    100 million votes for DJT out of 158 million – never seen this kind of support.

    The Congress and Courts joined The Dark Side and embraced the massive fraud.


    Written by  H. Gregory Badger



    BTW, ( the problem with our military is, Obama scrubbed Conservative officers out of our military when he was in office, Biden is doing the same).

    H. Gregory Badger
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  • He must have been staring in the mirror. 

  • He know Biden was selected not elected and if he got 60 million votes he's lucky Trump is the people president and that's why this politicians fear

  • He knows he will be exposed as MAYBE a unelected fraud also when our voting system is audited. Who are all the unelected members due to fraud elections? 

  • I have no words do describe this evil deranged idiot 

  • If what Schumer were to hold a grain of truth, then "All those who voted for Biden and himself must be Mindless Wonders!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Surely "Chump" Schumer is referring to himself and the brainwashed idiots that continue to put him in Washington.

    • I couldn't have said it better myself.

    • HE MUST BE!

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