• Go back in your rathole, Chuckie, with the rest of the commies.

  • I love it time for American to stand against this idiots socialist 

  • Chuck, your hopes of creating chaos with the election, dragging it out and having only 4 conservative judges on the bench has failed. You all knew you had unjustice john roberts in your pocket to vote in favor of the untellectual, antiAmerica quid pro quo joe blow obiden. to create a tie in the Supreme Court ruling. By the way chuck, you do nothing for all Americans, I think you meant all chinese. Just saying.

    When are all these government clowns going on obamacare and pay the higher costs like all Americans?

  • Heckle Hell, he should be 'Gibbs' slapped a dozen times, then told to get of any stage he is on. This man is a total waste of any air he breathes!


  • He knows that Trump will elect the next judge to the supreme court and theirs nothing he can do about it. Start the fake tears Chucky. Boohoo!

    • Exactly, and he understands that if Trump is given a second term he may be looking at the world thru bars... that another justice may be appointed by Pres. Trump... we need to remove all the liberal judges from the COURTS... not just the SCOTUS... activist jusdges writing law thru the abuse of case law and 'stare decisis' must end now.  Judges who abuse their offices by engaging in Judicial activism and fiat law need to be impeached on the first offense.

    • that's right.


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