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During an interview that aired Sunday on CBS’s “60 Minutes,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) urged his GOP colleagues to join him and the Democrats in voting to impeach President Donald Trump even though his term ends on January 20.

The House impeached Trump for “incitement of insurrection” after a group of the president’s supporters breached the U.S. Capitol earlier this month. Schumer argued that Trump inciting the group is “the most despicable action any president has ever taken” and said convicting him means he can never run for office again.

“What Donald Trump did is the most despicable action any president has ever taken,” Schumer emphasized. “And he should be convicted at this trial. In addition, if we convict him, we can then, by only 51 votes, remove him from ever running for office again. I know we want to heal. But when something this awful happens, to just push it off, we’ll not heal.”

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    • what is more dangerous, a confident enemy or one that is operating out of fear?

    • The enemy that strikes in panic.

  • The only convictions that take place will be when the communist demoncrats are arrested and removed from the capitol for treason!!

  • hmm I wonder What is chucky so afraid of? 

    • We ain't sitting down and taking it this time?............That'd be a good reason. That wasn't in ther plans. Neither were their hangings but......


  • According to Constitutional scholars, Trump can not be impeached once he leaves his office.  This is all about posturing and sounding important.  Sorry Chucky, it isn't working!!!

    • But these demented fools declare their own reality or redefine it at will for all, and insist everyone else follow the dictate.

      They must catagorically granted no credence (a BIG mistake).

      Do you recall that Trumps decision to end the E.O. Dreamer policy was met with loud protest that he did not have the authority?

      If Biden could attempt an E.O. resurrection of it, will there be the same protest response?

      Feel free to reply any old time.

    • These people also believe that Biden won fair and square. All hope is lost when people create their own reality because facts are facts and don't need to be the subject of an argument.

    • Doubtful ... that anyone with a mind and warm body believes Biden won... the lazy and entitled see Biden and the Democrat Party as a MEAL TICKET and permission to loot, rob, and rape their way to nirvana with its blessings. 

    • If Trump, once a regular citizen, can be impeached then I guess any citizen can be impeached for any reason. Impeachment would mean the removal from office. What office would Trump be removed from once he leaves the White House?

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