• You're all right. There's more to this than Shumer's 'good intentions'.

  • Yea, now they probably have a plot to get all the kiddos back in school so they can infect "them who before supposedly couldn't catch covid" with this flu and blow this plague up for their political purposes. Beaware of what happens with the demographics of who and where outbreaks are occuring and changes in the people groups who are supposedly susceptable to covid or not so susceptable.  That could proove that there is physical manipulation of this whole pandemic and not just manipulation of reporting and faking of numbers.

    • Right on ! Glad to see someone is woke to their underhandedness 

    • Every move they make is an underhanded plot to position themselves to a "supposed" superior high ground status for another moral argument especially when they have a sudden change of heart or flip thier stance all the sudden.  But then they'll flip it back if there is an outbreak to be sure.

  • Chuck Schumer is like a snake-in-the-woodpile. He is a trouble-making, untrustworthy person who often places himself near to others in the hope of acquiring or overhearing information that he can distort and falsify. 

  • Hey, Chuckie, you've already done that.  Folks, look out for a trick.

  • I agree, what's his motive. It can't be good.

  • Schumer worrying about the Economy??? What's he got up his sleeve?

  • !! WHAT A GOYEM !!

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