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Cafeterias in K-12 schools across the country have reportedly faced depleted food supplies and labor shortages because of the coronavirus pandemic, leading some school districts to consider a return to remote learning rather than forcing students to go hungry.

An story on Monday said Alabama's education department reported every school district in the state is suffering from food and cafeteria workforce shortages. Other school districts throughout the country have faced the same problem, and federal agencies have scrambled to offer assistance.

The reasons cited for the shortages are pandemic-related. Cafeteria workers miss work after becoming sick with COVID-19 or because they're quarantining after being exposed to the virus. At the same time, truck companies have reported difficulties in filling positions, such as drivers to bring food and cutlery to schools, as have food production factories responsible for putting together student meals.

While schools have been scrambling, the federal government has tried to offer assistance. On September 29, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced it would provide $1.5 billion in emergency funds to help schools feed students. The agency said in a statement that the funds will "enhance the toolbox for school nutrition professionals working hard to make sure students have reliable access to healthy meals."

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      EVERYTHING in life is a choice: Courage, happiness, religion, marriage, everything. The sooner you realize this, the happier your life will be. Dennis also rants about what the media now labels “misinformation” and the fact that honest dissent is no longer permitted. Note: This episode was previously recorded.

      Click here to watch this episode.

    • George Orwell's dystopian novel '1984'is a prognostic tale about life under constant scrutiny in a totalitarian government. In the novel, Orwell describes life in a totalitarian state where one's thoughts and actions are constantly scrutinized by an ever-watchful Big Brother. This novel has become a prescient guide to the current political transformation aking place in the USA and world.

      When Orwell's views of life under tyranny is taken in context with his novel 'Animal farm' one has a complete guide to the Marxist's path too control the social order in the Earth. Group speak, newspeak, Ingsoc have created ‘Doublethink’ to control people’s thought processes. Doublethink permits one to hold two contradictory thoughts whilst simultaneously believing in both of them; it is “to know and not to know”. Confused, so are they. These processes together with Newspeak, the official language in 1984, words and their meaning have become the tools to meet the ideological needs of Ingsoc. The government now has an approved list of words to be used when speaking about the fundamenals of life and the Marxist ideological precepts.

      I would recommend if one has not read these novels that one does... and that all of our children are encouraged to read them and discuss them with their parents. These two novels expose the radical transformation of the world into a dystopian totalitarian government... as they seek to control our every THOUGHT and ACTION.

    • If the doo hits the fan, half of America will not know how to do without the conveniences, they'll starve without the ready to eat!

    • Yaknow what?   I've packed my own lunch on occasion for the job and no boughten lunch ever tasted as good as what I packed for myself.    Not that it was fancy.   Just was more appreciated for some reason.

    • Yes, PB&J is just so so expensive. What's a kid worth?

  • When I lived in the Islands in the 70's Their High School Graduates were incapable of writing complete sentences, speaking passable English or reading a "Bus Schedule." I thought, "These poor bastards are never going to be capable of leaving these Islands." Little to I know then that the rest of the United States would move there for an education.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • The last full term I taught in a class of 22, seven students could not read a ruler and some could not write their name. Some could not understand the reasons for margins on a page even though they were in a visual communications program. 

    They were college students, around 21 or 22.

    Other skills they lacked had more to do with upbringing, manners and personal skills. Over my 20 years of teaching the discrepancy from the highest achieving to lowest achieving grew larger. I have other observations but this is enough to share. 

    • Sadly, Jea9, your experience is not isolated... Colleges and Universities everywhere have been lowering their entrance standards... They are finding it necessary to require remedial primary education classes as contingent on admittance.  Mandatory, not for credit classes, are adding years to those seeking a university degree.  Yet our public school teachers are lauded with praise and awards .. for what? The most expensive substandard education in the world.

    • And we keep dropping in world literacy comparisons. Things need to change. 

  • Nice "Quotes" Ron. Very appropriate. Difficult to find an actual solution in any of them, but Thanks for the "Rah Rahs!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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