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Cafeterias in K-12 schools across the country have reportedly faced depleted food supplies and labor shortages because of the coronavirus pandemic, leading some school districts to consider a return to remote learning rather than forcing students to go hungry.

An story on Monday said Alabama's education department reported every school district in the state is suffering from food and cafeteria workforce shortages. Other school districts throughout the country have faced the same problem, and federal agencies have scrambled to offer assistance.

The reasons cited for the shortages are pandemic-related. Cafeteria workers miss work after becoming sick with COVID-19 or because they're quarantining after being exposed to the virus. At the same time, truck companies have reported difficulties in filling positions, such as drivers to bring food and cutlery to schools, as have food production factories responsible for putting together student meals.

While schools have been scrambling, the federal government has tried to offer assistance. On September 29, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced it would provide $1.5 billion in emergency funds to help schools feed students. The agency said in a statement that the funds will "enhance the toolbox for school nutrition professionals working hard to make sure students have reliable access to healthy meals."

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    • Like big governmetn schools continue to find means to expand their hold on children... meals at school should be discontinued and parents held accountable for using their food stamps to feed their children... not selling them for crack.

    • hey you  know where those food stamps are going too dont you. ???  its the truth they trade the food things for dope  all the time the kids get NOTHING From welfare the parents just have kids for the check and they spend the checks on DOPE    we need a BIG CHANGE All right and we need to STOP JOE BIDENS social money project  half goes to the dope dealers and the other half goes to the communist party in the govt

  • Educators ignite a craving in young minds for truth from histories, the sciences, philosophies, in every civilization from all corners of Our World. They do not Teach children to live under the ideologies of various political positions. Educators are incapable of fully focused nourishment of the young minds, while Political Tracked Teachers, be they Communist, Socialist, Democrat, Republican, Progressive, Muslim, Christian, Hindu or Buddhist, are incapable of anything but. However, the actual "Classroom" from Toddler through Adolescent is where all Humans learn the Skills of finding their part in Society. At learning, at Play and at Meals. Only in Political Neutrality assures the Full, Open, Quality and Complete Education. otherwise it becomes a battle between parents and teachers for "Mirror Image Copies." 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Education should never be neutral... Education should be directed at training up children in the way they should go. We are instructed by God to TRAIN UP A CHILD IN THE WAY THEY SHOULD GO... that they may not depart therefrom when they are old.  Children are not mature enough, nor do they have the experience to form their view of morality, social justice, or order.  Part of a Child's education must be in forming a moral view of society and with it their political alignment within society.... conservative or some other system.

       Children need a firm hand to guide them on their way to maturity... they need clear social boundaries and time-proven ethical standards of conduct. Children left alone to experiment with the social order become morally compromised and confused.  These untethered youth struggle with everything from sexual identity to the forming of sound social relationships... they often lack a grounding in the moral precepts needed to live in a civil society.  A child's education should be filled with experiences and lessons focused on their moral conduct and social responsibility to others... as well as, the fundamentals of English, History, Mathematics, Science and vocational training.

      Education is never neutral... the process and influence of those instructing our children are complex and very impactful.  bias can be found in almost any of the text and materials associated with learning... one must pay attention to such subliminal influences when training up children.  Political neutrality in education is a myth.

  • BS, Schools are not responsible for feeding children... when I went to school, prepared school lunches were introduced as an option to a sack lunch from home... with food stamps and food banks there is no reason for parents to expect schools to feed their children...Let the Parents fix their children's meals and if a child shows up at school hungry and NEGLECTED either get the parents to correct the problem or take the children away from them. Don't close the schools for a few misfit parents ... Don't pay teachers to stay home because parents will not feed their own children.  

    The best plan of action is to take your children out of public schools and enroll them in private or homeschools. It is time for the Church to step up and open its doors to cooperative homeschooling... where the Church becomes the center of our children's education and all of the congregation cooperates in giving them a proper Christian education...

    • Perhaps...but only if the church can weed out the molestors and perverts.  That is an education children do not need.

    • You are right Ron, let the parents feed the kids like we were and not take care of them for the parents.

  • Prepare 

  • The "Food Shortages" would still exist in the individual family homes thanks to the moron in resident Biden. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • If you still have leftist teachers - you still have a problem 

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