• Thanks Jim. I still appreciate my reliable .06, .223, .308, .458, .456, and various 9s and 7s magnums. " 12s with alternating slugs and double ought work well also. However, the best for penetrating standard body armor remains my reliable 22 magnums. This isn't including the various Black Powder Rigs for ease of creating/converting necessities. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Lynn...if you don't have an AR-10 chambered in .270, get one... Or get an AR-15 chambered in .277 Wolverine...both are optimal calibers for "medium game" hunting.

    Both are unbeatable!!

  • As we become less a society of "Laws" we will become more a society of "Violence." Prepare for it!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Perfect answer Roy!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • the parents best response to this is to run for office against the school board member

    • Absolutely, BUT when they try, the left comes out really strong against them!

      Being a conservative is poison in their eyes, we are the scum of the world, the racists, the KKK, the Nazis, white supremacists. It makes me wonder how they twisted the meaning of the word that applies to our values to a definition that fits them?

      • "How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!" quote, Samuel Adams.

        Words have meaning... but never so clear, that a tyrant can not subvert and convert them to his purpose.  Hence, for justice to prevail... a MORAL people must hold the heads of justice accountable for their words.

        'Tis but the sound of fury, unleashed in the souls of tyrants... that corrupt words destroy the community of man; with the tongue men set afire civilization and bring captive millions.  Words, steeped with ill will, sooner beget terror in the hearts of men than a sword. For with steel men are dispatched and soon are forgotten, but with words history is written and rewritten, defining the very soul of men and nations.

        Our judicial system has become the harbinger of illiteracy... spurning common sense and the direct meaning of WORDS. At will the tyrant now rages, his words to twist the souls of men; bantering about the meaning of words, despots do spin a web of deceit, trapping the common good with gobbledygook. The wicked restrain justice and impale the righteous with words.

        It is time to restore common sense... to the rhetoric of men.  Justice is best served when the lexicon of man is firmly established and honored by all.  Justices and men of high rank need to be clear in the use of their language; so that, none will misunderstand their point.  However, it is the despot who thinks to deceive with words and his entendre, keeping the very root of his purpose and meaning hidden, from the public and common speech.

        Let the lawyers be chastened and the twisted metaphor be made clear... words have meaning and they dare not change, that history may remain true to the facts and the laws of men stable in there application. Words have in them the eternal power of creation... they are the window of the soul.


        By RA Nelson 


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      Words Have Meaning… they cut across time and space, they empower th... 

      What are words but the jealous rendition of man’s imagination… laid bare for the world to see. It is with words that we pontificate the ways of men, too establish governments and laws. It is with words that we build up and tare down… it is with the power of the pen that we turn swords into plowshares and redirect the power of mankind to a better purpose.

      Hence, let our words speak of liberty and defend the cause of justice… for without liberty and justice, we are but prisoners of tyranny and the lesser angels of mankind. Let us exalt the rhetoric of peace and love… let us embrace the soundness and eloquence of truth… that we may all have peace and prosperity, purchased with the sweat of our labor and endeavors.

      For, the wicked speak words of deceit… looking to confuse and destroy the rational minds of our Nation with folly… foolish dreams of utopian delights… where no man need work or struggle for self, but every man becomes part of the collective, a mere cog in the machinery of the State…

      Words have meaning and the words of our President cut sharply across the grains of liberty… denying our heritage and promising the foolish what they can not have… Another’s property, labor, and self-worth. These are innately the rightful dominion of the individual…not the State or the collective.

      Let us, therefore, find the words with which to beat back the errant ways of the foolish… the evil machinations of a government that seeks to bind us all, to itself… A collective driven by an evil wind. Freedom is not free and for the free to remain free they must be prepared to resist the bitter nature of mankind… first with words but never alone… words must be backed by action… or they are but sounding brass and tinkling bells, the stories of children, impetus vessels of little worth.



      COL. US Army (ret)

    • Beautiful, both posts, Col.

  • Should be recalled and put in jail

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