If Trump wins again, we are all going to prison. - ImgflipHouse Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Thursday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” that  President Donald Trump is “threatening” him like a “tin-pot” dictator would.

Mitchell said, “I mean, I know you led the impeachment committee, but he’s the president of the United States, you’re the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee. You would think that he wouldn’t be —and I’m not sure what he meant.”

Schiff said, “Well, Andrea, you know, the childhood kind of insults are one thing, it’s just demeaning to the office of the presidency. What was more concerning at that rally and at others is the president saying that the chairman of the Intelligence Committee should be locked up, leading a chant of ‘Lock him up.’ At one point this week, he said that something should happen to Adam Schiff. There is no disguising the threatening nature of those words. 

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  • Yep, the absolute desperation of the most crooked and corrupt Democrats is on full display. If the American people had not in their wisdom elected Trump, instead of Hillary, we would never have seen these same self serving elites exposed for the treasonous miscreants that they really are. No wonder that they are panicking, because they know that there is a lot more to be revealed when Trump wins another four years. The Truth will make you free, but if you've been a duplicitous snake in the grass for most of your life, it will definitely make you miserable first. And it will ultimately land you in a place where you'll have plenty of time to meditate on it; couldn't happen to more deserving people than Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, Comey, Hillary, et al.

  • Sorry, Adam, but maybe - JUST MAYBE - Pres Trump really DOES know what SEDITION and TREASON are, and he really DOES know where to find a prosecutor or two (or THOUSANDs!!!) who might just know how to pull a Grand Jury together to indict a SITTING CALIFORNIA CONGRESSMAN!!!  That would be YOU!  

    Sooooooo, Adam "Pencil Neck" Schitt, if I were you, I'd be the FIRST Democrat moron on a plane to CANADA on the morning of November 4th.  You can hope they'll hide you somewhere in the wilds of Saskatchewan.  ENJOY THE WINTER, BRO!!!


    • Andy, Canada has an extradition treaty with the US ... these miscreants of corruption may want to go to China or Belarus neither of these countries has an extradition treaty with the USA. Of course, there is Jim Jone's favorite country to flee to Equatorial Guinea in South America (no extradition)... just don't drink the tea.


    • Ronald, I figured we had such an agreement. No surprise!  But I also figured Pencil Neck might want to stay somewhere near to the US so he could avail himself of our excellent medical care, A/R.  

  • Let's be clear. If the demonrats win, they'll go after Trump every which way possible. The deep state won't stop at nothing. We need to protect Trump by all means necessary and we need to keep him in the White House no matter what.

    • that's the reason why the Republicans need to go vote early or in Novmber3.

    • They'll go after the citizens who dissent every which way possible too. Most likely with their ANTIFA and BLM BROWN SHIRTS!! THEY MUST INSTLL FEAR IN US!!!!

    • Phil, you are correct.  I know they will come after me.  I am a Christian, patriot, veteran, Constitutional conservative, gun owner, all the categories absolutely HATED by the "tolerant", "inclusive", "enlightened" satanists!!!!!  I am old and disabled but not afraid to speak out against tyranny and evil and they won't stand by and let me continue to speak out.

  • A man with clean hands doesn't need to watch his back and has no reason to imagine others want to harm them... maybe, just maybe Schiff has dirty hands?

    • Maybe my ass ... Schiff's hands are filthy. Am I pissed? You bet!!!

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