• Unfortunately this little worm has huge connections....his sister is married to one of the Soros brats!

  • Adam Schiff is going to be on the other side of the table in 2022 and the shit will hit the wall. All his lies will come to the top and he will pay the price fo a Liberal Communist Democrat. 

  • This pencil neck POS is hiding under Nasty Nancy’s skirts. Like Pedo Joe, he has a very nasty little habit if anyone dared to bother looking into it. As if it wasn’t enough that he is a proven pathological liar, he has a problem bigger than the lies he tells.

  • Schiff actually knows how to write - that's a true revolutiot.  But he certainly is a liar.  OMG how much more can the current Congress and White House the de"mock"rats thumb their noses at whatever they don't want to see or hear.  Schiff is a truly degenerate piece of excrement.  But her like the resat of the de"mock"rats will probably get away with it since it certainly seems to me that the whole bureaucracy in Washington D.C. is completely dishonest. 

  • Schiff stfu !

  • The little lying worm thinks he is important NOT!  You are picking on the wrong guy.  Someone should dig into his past, see what kind of secrets is he hiding

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