How a suspected Chinese spy gained access to California politics - Axios

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  • Because they are owned by China. Bought and paid for. I wouldn't trust any government official. Pelosi for sure.

  • Of course the cunt will Dems stick together because they are all GUILTY of the voter fraud against Trump this year. But they will protect their gravy train at all cost even stealing a presidential election. ALL Dems are guilty of violating their oath when they refused to work with a lawfully seated president (Trump). and we the people have had enough of Congress and Senate violating the CONSTITUTION.


  • because the satan'soros cabal of globalist billionaires pays her to do their bidding, that is to destroy this nation!!!!!

  • Why do Democrats refuse to stand up to China? Because Xi OWNS THEM?

    • The satan/soros cabal of globalist billionaires owns them.  they have sold their souls to satan for wealth and power now!!!!!

  • In answer to your question, Mr. Scalise.  Pelosi also has monetary ties to China. She too is compromised.  And you, sir, know it is true. So, the real question is; What are you and your cohorts doing about it?

  • That might prove hard to continue from a jail cell.

    • or a gallows!!!!!

  • How is it possible... how about MASSIVE CORRUPTION AND SEDITION among high-ranking elected and senior civil service employees... The swamp does what it likes and as long as we retain the same leadership in the DOJ, FBI, and Federal Courts it will not change... simple enough, its corruption gone wild.

  • Is this not defacto proof of treason?

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