The amount of vote FRAUD in the 2020 election is not only alarming, it shows that We the People have lost our representative republic based on the Constitution to a satanic dictatorial oligarchy determined to rule as a dictatorship until they turn us over to the New World Order, satan's global dictatorship.  While the democrats claim the contrary it is very clear when looking at the policies they ran on that our republic is a thing of the past.  Open borders, unlimited benefits to illegal aliens, the abolition of police departments around the nation, packing the supreme court, abolishing the filibuster, adding Washington DC and Puerto Rico as states to guarantee 4 more democrat senators forever, unlimited tax dollar funding of abortion, and the open support and praise of anarchist groups by democrats shows that We the People no longer have a voice in government operations. 

The democrats have also promised their violent anarchist supporters that they will confiscate firearms from peaceful citizens, leaving them defenseless in the face of murderous anarchist gangs.  This is music to the ears of blm, antifa, and ms-13 gangs who want a free reign to attack citizens without fear of being shot by patriots defending their persons and homes.  I wonder who is going to confiscate the firearms and how many people they will murder in the process.  Most patriots are not going to passively hand over their firearms.  The Constitution, in the 2nd Amendment, says that "the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED".  This right is God given and only reinforced by the Constitution.  Our founders knew self defense from tyranny is important because British attempts to confiscate arms is what started the Revolutionary War.  There were other factors that set the stage but shots were fired only when British troops went out to seize colonists guns.  Leftists say that the Constitution refers to muzzle loading muskets not modern firearms but the 2nd Amendment doesn't have any caveats written into it.  Every gun control law passed in the last 120 years violates the Constitution but leftists don't care as their goal of tyranny supplants the Constitution in their eyes.

 If the democrats get control of the country they will go full Hitler on us very soon.  I am old, poor,  and disabled but will do what I can to resist tyranny.  While in the Army I saw how people in dictatorships live in poverty and slavery and I won't sit quietly and watch the nation I love and fought for disappear into the trash bin of history.  I know I can't do much but will do what I can.  What saddens me most of all is that so many citizens voted for democrats, believing the lies of democrats and their Pravda/Goebbels propagandists.  Schools stopped teaching history decades ago, opting instead to go with communist indoctrination through a social studies curriculum that distorts history to comply with the communist ideology that democrats endorse and spread.  The "media" including "social(ist) media outlets facebook and twitter severely censor conservative speech while letting leftist posts go untouched.   The hate Trump, hate America campaign that started 5 years ago has only gotten more shrill and hateful as time has gone on.

The republican party is no help.  Most of the gop is allied with the democrats.  The deep state, owned and operated by Nazi war criminal george soros and his cartel of globalist billionaires, is intent on enslaving We the People.  The openly globalist george w. bush built, staffed, and stocked the FEMA camps for the day when American patriots will be rounded up for extermination ala the Nazi concentration camps before and during World War II.  I daily pray asking Almighty God to have mercy on the nation and to deliver us from the clutches of satan's minions.  America has made abortion and homosexuality not only acceptable but also celebrated while turning Christianity and God into objects of scorn, derision, and attack.  How long will it be before Almighty God turns His wrath on the nation He established to be "a shining city on a hill" to lead people everywhere repentance and Godliness?

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

November 23, 2020

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  • Wait till they show up at the Trump Supporters homes demanding them to vacate the home to them. I hope they made out their Living Will because they are going to need it and their healthcare card.

    • Harry, I agree.  I am old and disabled but will oppose any of their tyrannical crap until they kill me!!!!!

    • I am in the same boat, 70 y.o. and crippled with a neuropathy. I think if a War of Rebellion #2 restarted, we'd pick up where we left off at Appomattox and instead of Confederate Dummycrates, it'd be Marxists Democrats that our Union Patriots would be facing. I'd be like John L. Burns who was a veteran of 1812 and fought with the Iron Brigade at Gettysburg at 69 years of age. There is a statue of him at the National Battlefield. Burns was a sharpshooter sniper. I'd rather die as a warrior than live on my knees as a slave.

    • I will be 71 next month, had a severe stroke in August 2014 that has my left arm still totally paralyzed and my left leg barely usable.  I am a veteran and also would rather die fighting.

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