• I said from the first time I saw him, after W was re-elected, that we were looking at the anti-Christ. Can still see that pure evil look in his eyes. If they succeed in stealing this election, it will be the beginning of a take over and institution of a rule similar to Putins lifetime appointment for bH0. Scary, huh!?!👹 As a side note, Fellow Gun Owners & Veterans need to get ready. If ya need to get familiar with your Constitutionally protected weapons again, dont waste time doing so. Our Constitution, especially our 1A, 2A & 4A Rights are in jeopardy. We must not allow our Constitution and Bill of Rights to be hijacked along with our freedoms just like they're trying to steal the election, and the re-election of President Trump

    Thank y'all for the outstanding interview. Absolutely fantastic to see Gov Palin again! She still makes my heart 💜 skip a beat when I see her!! 😉😎

    Take Care


    Stay SAFE!!

    • fuhrer obama is close to the anti-christ but isn't.  He most definitely is evil though.  I am very disabled and can't handle my guns very well.  I have a carry permirt but haven't carried since I had a severe srtoke in August 2014.  Yes, they are trying to steal the election, with the help of the gop establishment.  Sarah Palin  IS INDEED one to give a skip.  Very pretty, very patriotic, and very smart.  When she ran with the TRAITOR mccain I voted for her hoping they would win and mccain would die soon and Sarah be the president but mccain ran to lose because the establishment wanted fuhrer obama to win.

  • Obama weaponizes government, ruins lives, gets free advertising for his book on 60 Minutes.... supporting people like him is asking for a very dark future...

    • that's right and he doesn't have any future at all.

  • Obama deserve to be in jail because his father is the devil himself.

  • He has no class and needs to go away. Most Presidents after they serve keep their mouths shut but not Barack he feels the need to remain relevant.

  • Fuhrer obama is pond scum that should be swinging from a gallows!!!!!

  • Only two ex-presidents continuously keep meddling in politics against the other party, Carter (the guy who led the way to 911) and Hussein (the result of 911)

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