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Alaska Republican Party officials are looking to former governor and Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin as a potential primary challenger to Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who has drawn their ire for her vote to convict former President Donald Trump in his latest impeachment trial.

Of the seven Republican senators who voted to convict Mr. Trump, Ms. Murkowski is the only one up for reelection in 2022.

It’s put a mama bear-size bullseye on the three-term senator.

Republican Party leaders in her home state say their frustration with Ms. Murkowski goes beyond the impeachment vote, however. They are also irked by her pro-choice views and anti-Trump rhetoric. Conservatives point to her vote against confirming Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh and her support of the Affordable Care Act as further reasons to replace her.

“Everywhere I go, people have been disgruntled with Murkowski for a long time,” said Barbara Tyndall, GOP chair for Alaska’s 3rd District, which covers the North Pole and Chena Lakes. “Everybody is saying, ‘Yes, we need a primary challenger now.’”

Ms. Palin, who served as Alaska’s ninth governor and the Republican Party’s 2008 vice presidential nominee on the ticket with John McCain, is an early favorite among conservatives. But she isn’t the only possible contender for the race. Alaska Gov. Michael James Dunleavy, who has been in office since 2018, is being prodded by some in the party.

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  • Go for it and you will have my support along with all of President Trump voters.

  • Go for it Sarah


  • I am not certain that Palen would be any better than Murkowski.  What Alaska needs is a true Conservative. 

    • Martha, I'm not certain what you would consider a "true conservative," short of a graveyard, but Sarah, in my opinion, well fits the bill.

    • Well said


  • I was very unhappy that Trump ignored her after he was elected as he did many TRUE supporters, and another bigproblem was his lack of support for his true allies such as Rep Steve King of  Iowa a victum of pathetic Cheney and rino swampers. His appointments always went to those that conservatives thought of as enemies: Barr??? This has always made me curious.

  • I always liked gutsy broad!!

    When she was plucked by McTraitor for the #2 spot she was too green at national politics but now a dozen years later she's a mature, ripe, well seasoned warrior with thick skin & real muscle below.

    If she runs against the "murky mess" she'll squeeze Lisa Lightweight like the pus-filled pimple Lisa is.

    But there are others in Alaska who could run so we'll see how this breaks out.

  • Go Girl!  Lisa is a liberal whore and we need you to keep Alaska red!

  • I hope Sarah does run against the traitor Murkowski. 

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