• If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, its probably "Joe!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • I think they were complimenting him. 9444212081?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • Where are the honorable government employees? Watching tyranny happening doesn't prove your one of the good ones, it makes you an enabler so guilty with the others. They should really think about what their doing to our country and its citizens. The consequences should be extremely undesirable to others wanting to do the same. We want actions correcting this FUBAR situation they've built not endless stalling b.s. Follow our rules, laws, constitution, Bill of rights. Treat your fellow citizens with respect or find another job if your not guilty like the others and have to face the consequences, eventually, maybe, hopefully. Correcting this could be achieved by good people doing the right thing. Dreaming? maybe, hopeful? Absolutely. 

    • Honorable and government used in the same sentence is an oxymoron... they don't exist in tandem. 

  • To the RNC I don't want to see ads I want to see Articles for impeachment and resignation from stupid generals. I want my country back the want I fought for in the battlefield 

    • The reason why there are no articles of impeachment is because Hiden is so inept he can be easily defeated. In the wings you have hooker Harris that has her own agenda that is far more radical than Hiden's is. The lesser of two evils. Niether are a bargain and should be shot for the treasonous acts they have inflicted on this country.

    • Wrong... under our current rigged system of elections a dead man could win... oh, in fact, one did win in Missouri...  Mel Carnahan was posthumously elected to the office of US Senator in the year 2000... contrary to the Constitutional requirement that a US Senator must be a living resident of the State on election day... he died several weeks before the election.

      So, America is likely the first modern-day democracy to have a candidate elected to high office three weeks after their death...  Anything is possible when the law is subject to the arbitrary whims of the elite.  And, America holds its system of elections as better than the third world's.  Neither, have elections they have supervised coronations.

    • All of which begs action

    • So, Mr. Action when are you marching on Washington?

    • Yes, the Biden/Harris TICKET has to come down ... PEACEFULLY OR OTHERWISE!!

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