• I am an independent. For the last thirty years, the Democrats have eat off the table while the Republicans have been happy to eat the scrapes off the floor. I gave to Trump in both runs for President, I wouldn't give a nickel to either of the established parties. The constant flow of RINO'S should have been delt with by the RNC, They weren't! What we have now, is Globalist running both parties. 

  • Curious... the RNC seems oblivious and unaware that the base views the RNC leadership as:  ABSENT, DISTRACTED, CONFUSED AND A FAILURE.  The RNC is hardly in a position to be pointing fingers at the Democrats.   

    What goes around comes around and in the case of the RNC, it came around in spades... as they double down on stupid.  I truly believe the RNC leadership has no idea how despised they are by their own base.  Maybe these arrogant asses don't care?  However, with the coming mid-terms, they will be shocked at the number of primary challenges from non-traditional sources are supported by the party base.

  • Worthless POS

  • Reinstate our real President  Donald Trump  . Through this dement old ass out to day !

    • I'm guessing you mean ."throw"?

  • The GOP isn't even trying to do anything towards impeaching him or anything! This is the very reason I don't donate to their causes. Because it's a waste of money to give it to a bunch of do nothings! In the past I donated to some things and to the party and ever since I have been beseiged with bunches of their junk mail filling my mailbox. No more! I have sent back notes in their postage paid envelopes telling them to stop sending me their mail, and just recently I cut up their donation paper and sent it back to them. Maybe now they'll get the message. Giving them money is like burning your money on the BBQ grill. No more until I see them show some backbone and start fighting back!

    • The GOP is the enemy

    • The GOP LEADERSHIP is the enemy... not its base.

    • I agree.  My quarrel is not with the base.  They are decent folks forced to continue to choose between two evils.  The GOP is and should be a big tent.  It is not necessary that we all be in lock step, but the majority has to constitute an effective counter force to the Democrats.  That is not what is happening and has not been happening for quite some time.  The GOP pays lip service to the base's conservative values, but then permits a globalist agenda to destroy America.  See how they betrayed Trump From Ryan to Sessions to McConnell to Barr to the present day 19 senators who voted for theinfrastructure bill.

    • If the GOP's base continues to vote for Republicans who are closet Democrats and, who simply call themselves Republicans to get elected, then this base is either too stupid to count, not even as collateral damage, or enemy itself.  If you supply and support, offer succor to the enemy,  you are an enemy yourself, or at best an enemy sympaterizer.  Sherman knew how to deal with confederate enemy supporters in Georgia.  We can not enable and allow cover for such supporters.  Look the Chamber of Commerece supports Republicans who support our globalist enemies because they profit.  They and their candidates might just as well be Marxists as globalists.  The enemy who means you no good must be eliminated.

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