They did that years ago!   It's called CUBA!   duh!

  • Who is Biden wanting killed down there ?

  • Unbelivable. This would have never happened under President Trump, who made North Korea and Iran nuclear free. I think Trump was most successful in foreign policy. I wish he had been as successful within the country but he was too busy with outstanding foreign policy successes to ensure that fake news and fake elections don't succeed.

  • Well, well, well ... Nicaragua invites Russian troops and sets up better cooperation with the PRC ... guess we know how the next 'caravan' is getting to the U.S.  border ... on Russian tanks.  Will Hunter be exchanging rubles for dollars at the border too?

  • WE need a POTUS with 'BALLS', not a wimpy POS like Obiden. He and the socialist, marxist dems have sold OUR country OUT. FJB!!!!

  • Sure......we are a stupid people and allow the enemy in our back yard! Anyone who still thinks Putin isn't a communist is blind, or stupid......or both!

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