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A Russian spy has been charged with bankrolling three American activist groups to spread pro-Putin propaganda and try to meddle in US elections.   

Aleksandr Viktorovich Ionov, 32, was indicted by the US Justice Department Friday, although he remains in Moscow, and took to Facebook to moan about the charges.

His alleged behavior reflects what U.S. officials say are ongoing Russian government efforts to meddle in the American political process, to shape public opinion and to sow discord and dissent on hot-button social issues.

Ionov is believed to spy for Russia's feared FSB security services, the successor to its infamous KGB. His main target was an African rights' group based in St Petersburg, Florida, with whom he held a YouTube seminar to support Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 

He is also accused of funding a group who support California's secession from the United States, and a third group who targeted California-based social media firms for censoring Russia in the wake of Putin's invasion.  

He is a resident of Moscow. Prior to the announcement of the charges against him, Ionov wrote on Facebook: 'I don't care about sanctions. I love my country, my people and my president!'

The suspect later confirmed he was charged saying: 'The United States Attorney General filed a criminal case against me.'  

FBI Special Agent in Charge David Walker in Tampa called the latest Russian efforts to destabilize American society 'some of the most egregious and blatant violations we´ve seen.'

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  • What happened to vetting all to be immigrants?

  • "Who's been bankrolling Antifa and BLM?"  Look no further than sorryazzgeorge and his multiple dot-orgs.

    • Seems like that's an ongoing criminal organization.

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    • Still lost in the last century Marlene?  You just never seem to get it.  They don't need to draft anyone.  They don't want to draft anyone.  That was the way wars used to be fought.  Mass armies are useless.  In fact, if you would just try, really try maybe you might be able to extrapolite that out a bit.  They don't need a middle class at all.  Not for soldieers and not for workers and that's another reason the borders have been open for the last 32 years (not just under Biden-hello?)  Duh, WW 2 is over Marlene and they don't care at all about senior citizens.  They are just waiting for them to die off and maybe they're even invested in helping kill them off.  Try and catch the wave Marlene. 

    • No actually, You are correct.  I don't want a military to deploy.  I'd prefer a smaller military to defend and guard our own boarders.  I don't want any larger force to deploy in support of globalist's agendas.  And that's right.  What I said is mass armies are useless in today's world of drones and smart weapons.  Yes, China's army has plenty of troops, a very large standing army, but they are designed more for domestic use, duh, which is to say against their own population of 1.3 billion should that become necessary.  China doesn't even have the air lift, or navy to deploy large numbers.  You don't appear capable of thinking through any of these antiquated notions of yours lost as you appear to be in the last century, a world that no longer exists.  

      Planets don't send me information Marlene, educated readings preceeded by a sound formal education as well as a variety of informed sources, which I also monitor are where I get my facts and understandings.  Oh yes, drugs are coming from China and Columbia and Mexico as well, but in any event they aren't coming to America by way of mass armies.  As for the next war, we are already under attack from a bio weapons Covid 19, which the Chinese launced against us to remove President Trump in collusion with our own treasonous leadership cabal of bankers and globalists.  In case you failed to notice, they did not use any mass armies and no mass army would have served any purpose to defend us in any event.  As it happens it was our own Pentegon, which funded and provided the technology to develop the bio weapon the Chinese used against us.  Just as they were doing in the Ukraine OBTW

      Yes we are well into our next war.  Unfortunately your thinking is still trying to prepare us to fight the last war.

    • I didn't say they don't have more ships, or troops.  I didn't say anyone doesn't fight, or intend to win, much less China.  No one has more concern over China than I do, but I do know a large army isn't the answer.  I think we would probably agree, the biggest problem is our own leadership, which has betrayed us for access to China's markets.  We're just passengers in the dinning room.  The captain of the ship and his officers take us where he wants.  That's sort of the situation we're in today.  You and I don't have any say in what's happening.  Furthermore, somewhere close to half the country disagrees with the both of us.  None of this is opinion.  I think we both agree about this much.

    • I am not out of my gourt, whatever you may think that means and I did demonstrate and present precisely what my certain knowledge knows to be true and accurate.  What you however, did not do is refute anything I presented, or try even to clarify, improve or prove me mistaken. 

      Furthermore, my active duty status at any time has no standing on my opinions, nor does my rank.  What sort of mind is it that preferences her remarks on such a basis, or perhaps better, more clearly stated, what sort of intelligence disqualifies any statement of fact, or understanding based on someone's past experience, whether it be active military duty, or on rank achieved?  Clearly you continue to expose yourself, who you are and how you think.  It isn't very flattering, or reassuring.

      Mind you, I have no objection to answering your very small minded and quite irrelevant question.  I was drafted and inducted into the army in 1967, refusing a commision.  I served a toal of 19 and a half months, 14 and a half in VN as a combat sargeant from 1968 to 1969, 9th Infantry Division where I spent my entire tour in Mekong Delta.  I survived the Tet offensive; the battle at Can Tho along the river and through the markets and latter the smaller May offensive when we decimated N Vietmese regular forces infiltrated in from the 'Parrot's beak" to reinforce and reignite the offensive.  Finally, I refused a last promotion to E 6 (Staff Sargeant) as I didn't want the responsibility of a "Rocker arm," or being a platoon Sargeant having no intention of continuing on with any military career. 

      In short, I merely did what was required, my duty as per the law.  Mind you, if I had been a general and had recieved a Silver Star it wouldn't necessarily serve to validate my opinions today any more, or less.  My opinions either are validated on their own merit, or they are not.  Your own basic failure to recognize such elementary understandings says a great deal about who are and what sorts of positions you are capable of discharging.   Your heart may be in the right place with regards to an America, which now no longer exists, but as interesting as all of your bureaucratic achievements (as presented by you) may be, the totality of your current presentations leave me, how shall I say, decidedly unplused. 

    • Oh, gourd not gourt.  OK, that's an expression, as in out of your mind.  My reply remains constant.  I am not at all out of my mind, quite the contrary.



  • Oh they're coming and it's all OK with our elite leadership class who are in bed with them, having already cut their deals.  Do you think for a second our leadership class of elites are making fortunes over drug distribution and money laundering from cartel drug dealing which kill 70,000 + in America every year ?  How about China and the war with Russia.  Oh, the wolves are coming alright and our leaders, the bankers and CEO's who we made rich and powerful are betraying us, leaving us defenseless and make no mistake. 

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