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    • Mueller was a puppet.  The 17 or more Democrat operatives disguised as "investigators" are the enemies of this nation.  Mueller's incompetence was laid bare before Congress and "We the People" during his testimony.  

    • Peter, I agree and knew it from the moment he was appointed by satanists!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, his incompetence, AND his partisanship, were exposed but the devildemocommiecrats and their deep state gop TRAITOR allies hoped the scam would work for them!!!!!

  • OMG - don't they mean a investigation compilation they just made up?  After all we are talking about the Biden DOJ!  Wait 72 hours and this will all fall apart.

  • The Rinos and Dems must break out in a Cold Sweat over the possibility of President Trumps return to finish the job he started ,that being draining the Washington Swamp . The Dems and Rinos will do anything, say anything in their attempt to stop Trump . 


    • Especially now that he has an intimate knowledge of them,

      having been gang mugged by them for a whole term of office,

      and knows what to do and who to use, and who to do it to. LOL

      Smugglers' gang beat policemen, take away their rifle in ...

    • Yup...Trump can see clearly now, he understands DC!

  • Oh please, spare me the lying (newly found) report. Who pulled this out of their ass?

    • They have to do something to lessen the people's love for Trump.  Anything to make sure that 2022 will be for the Democrats and not the expected Republican win.


  • WE, TAXPAYERS, PAID FOR IT.   Why haven't we already seen it?

    • Do they ever care what is right and what is wrong?  Probably some moron wrote it as an alternate to the truth and it got lost somewhere.


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