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  • Perhaps the World's people deserve whatever awaits them for allowing a Civil Division of governments, businesses and ways of life, as a result of manufactured pseudoscience data where only a relatively few were ever in danger of death. Now to blame is senseless, useless stupidity. To recover or not is our only road to the future.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • If the Current Progressive Socialist MEDIA/Politicians had been in session at the time  the saying would be known as,"The Mark Of Abel" instead of Cain.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Sounds to like another work of fiction being pushed as fact.  

    Same thing as the convid scare.

    • Herbert, no doubt.  I call covid the scamdemic because that is what it is, a scam being used to scare people into submitting to tyranny!!!!!!!!!!



    • "TIME IS NOT ON THE SIDE OF "RIGHT" -Robert Townsley

      Please bear with my shortcomings and help me with my understanding. 

      As opposed to the "wrong"? And if so, how so?

  • most likely any "evidence" that President comnspired with anyone to "steal" the 2016 election will be as false as the steele dossier!!!!!!!!!!  Hitlery was the one conspiring to steal the election but she failed and should have already been hanged for it!!!!!

  • Similar to finding a "Murder Weapon" with no matching bullets, caliber, powder residew, fingerprints or near location, locked in a "Police Evidence Locker" from a previous 10 year old Felony. Suspicious!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Muller wasn't on Trump's side....if there was something useful for the left he would have released it then. NO?

    • Iona, I agree.  muller is a political hack paid to destroy President Trump with false information from "unknown sources".  That is how the satanic left operates and those too stupid, too deceived, or too evil to admit the truth will always believe the satanic lies!!!!!

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