Rudy To Biden: You Should Check into Federal Prison

HUNTER BIDEN: Both Of Biden's Business Partners Have Been 'CONVICTED OF  FELONIES' One Is In Prison The Other Is Awaiting His Sentence, Hunter Still  Remains Free Despite The Evidence – The Political

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    • Lets get by this election first, then we can recreate!

    • there is something in the air we better get ready for it because it's not going to be good at all.

  • This is treason and AG Barr must defend the law of the land and do his job.

    • It appears to me that Barr is kicking the can down the road.

  • Why is it we can talk about all the treason theft and corruption going on and nothing happens? You can`t keep poking the bear and expect nothing to happen.

    Why aren`t these people behind bars?

  • Joe Biden is guilty of High Treason against The United States of America. He and all of those involved in this crime against America must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If it were up to me, Biden would get the death penalty.

  • Biden and his co-horts need to be arrested and thrown in prison!  How can a man like him even consider running for the office of President?  

    • Depends on the content his arm is being twisted with.

  • I fully trust Rudy. I despise that hypocritical faux Catholic, Biden. 

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