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  • it is now the USSA, a communist oligarchy!!!!!

  • Betsy McCaughey has proposed that we ask SCOTUS to rule that these big tech services are now Utilities which are inherently monopolistic and necessary for modern life.  All we need is the right case, here a citizen (or group) has been denied access to the Utility.

  • That is exactly upside down. We are not ruled by black-robed clowns masquerading as reading, thinking, understanding representatives of our laws and God-given rights and liberties.

    They are clueless as to the standard of law as declared in our Declaration that Laws come from God not man. They are as fools in their arrogance and pretenses, and in their complete ignorance of the power of WE THE PEOPLE. It is WE who have the right to take down government and institute new government when we have finally had enough of their tyranny and bs.


  • 1984

  • I respect Rudy Giuliani, yet I state that the last refuge of free speech is not the courts (and certainly not SCOTUS) but the individual right to keep and bear arms. This right the Pretender-elect has declared he will violate upon installment. 

    With a Biden innauguration, Civil war follows.

    I do not flatter Xo Biden as a Lincoln,

    but rather as a puppet.

  • All of us must continue to fight for our freedom, rights, and justice. If you noticed most websites, Yahoo and others  no longer allow us to respond to their articles. They simply want to silence us. In addition corporations now are refusing to support any conservative agenda's. Corporations should not be involeved in politics. Marriott, UPS, PGA an a host of others think it is OK to create harm for those who don't agree. I am boycotting most  of  the corporations who are doing this and will not support them and will purchase any of their goods or services. All should boycott them and continue our fight.

    • I spam any information progagandizers without a forum for reply.

      The whole point of the Internet, is interactive communication.

      No excuse for propogandizing is respected by me, unless I particularly desire it.

    • All the fascists Co.s will be a legit target as well as all those they employ AND their families.   No rules in a civil war but to win it!


  • Greetings have been gone for a long time, censorship is here now, I am on Rumble and was on Parler, I was going to link two videos on Parler but could not log on, only to find out that is was taken down,

    my question here is how far is this going to go, are they going to take down all concretive sites8416648274?profile=RESIZE_584x

    ? We will see,

  • We must these enemy that want to control our lives. We will wave our flags and speak the truth we are not BLM/Antifa but we will defend our Constitution.

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