• I am an old soldier and one of the young Special Forces kids told me that in Finnish the word kamala means horrible.

  • The sick communistic party(AKA Democrat), will just laugh this off. Then they will destroy America if they win the election. Stopping 'Social Security' and 'Vererans benefits'. etc. with changes and whatever it takes to destroy American doctors and Nurses with their ACA

  • Looks like Rudy got the goods on Hunter this time. Not a word from the MSM. Except CBS report about an unfounded unconfirmed report from tabloid. Vote people!

    • The only thing that Robert Hunter Biden also known as Little Bobbie Biden to us nasty old cops regrets is getting caught he was commissioned into the United States Naval Reserve accepted as part of a program that allows a limited number of applicants with desirable skills to receive commissions and serve in staff positions. He received an age-related waiver and a waiver due to a past drug-related incident, and was sworn in as a direct commission officer   Former Vice President Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden Now gentle readers allow a nasty old federal law enforcement officer translate that for that in sample terms for you lay people Little Bobby Biden received special treatment because of political juice and he put tte whole United States Navy up his nose!!

  • Like father like son. PEDOS!

  • Why would the liberals aka Democrats think there is anything wrong with all this?  Who would try to dislodge sleepy Joe from running when the truth is it would be Harris who would end up being the president anyway, formally or not.

    • We can always hope that there is some 'Nut' case out there with a 1000yard accurate rifle to do our country a favor!

    • Careful there Pede.

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