• I am a very nasty seventy-three year old retired federal law enforcement from Pennsylvania how some ever do not mistake age for senility I still remember seeing and hearing and seeing with my own eyes and ears former Vice President Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden bragging about committing a crime on television to wit having a Ukrainian investigative prosecutor who was investigating the extremely corrupt Burisma Holdings Limited a holding company for a group of energy exploration and production companies and bragging about it on television at the Atlantic Council!

  •  My grandmother would say... don't count your chickens before they hatch, in other words.. don't count on the DOJ or FBI to do a dang thing with this information... they most certainly knew of this conduct long ago... or they were not doing their jobs.  In addition, we already see the MSM playing this down or not responding at all... as the fix is in.  When Biden is questioned on this mater all he responds with is I can't comment on that matter and of course the compliant MSM immediately moves on to other questions.  Besides this sort of conduct is a recommendation for political office in the Democrat Party, not a crime.

    Look when you are dealing with MAFIA type cartels and criminal enterprises they don't let such incidents bother them... they have paid judges, US Attorneys, and others who are there to run interference for them... they laugh this sort of surprise... or was it.. off.  I doubt the FBI was not aware of this and all the other crimes the BIden's appear to have committed.

  • Trump's campaign is once again, absolutely brilliant! Catching the Chi-Vi helps with sentiment, Ginsberg couldn't have croaked at a better time, not that I think that Trump had anything to do with that, but nonetheless... getting these emails for the October surprise completes the tri-fecta. The Biden crime family will not be in office and I'm sure that the DNC is already working with their MSM cohorts to distance them from the word "Biden". Trump ran a much better campaign in 2016 than Hillary, spent less, got results, while she couldn't even account for where all the $Billion Plus in donations went. This is a repeat of 2016 and I doubt that Biden can account for his expenditures...

  •  Vote a straight GOP ticket and send a message to the Marxist and Globalist that the gig is up... either get on board the Trump express or leave the country. 

  • The only thing that Robert Hunter Biden also known as Bobbie Biden and his daddy former Vice President Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden regret is getting caught I am an very nasty seventy-three year old man from Pennsylvania and I knew former Vice President Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden when I was young. I am not going to add good looking because that will start a whole new debate. I am a nasty old retired federal law enforcement office over fifty years’ experience in all levels of law enforcement and I love telling I am so old jokes. I am so old that I worked for Rudy Giuliani  back when we were chasing cocaine cowboys down in Florida back when we both young and good looking (at least I was) and I still have a full head of  dark hair. I am the only cop local, state or federal who never had his picture taken with Don Johnson of “Miami Vice” fame or was it shame? 

  • Or, as our Brit friends would say, "Too cool by half."

    Maybe his Dad will share "half" of young Hunter's jail time.

  • This is the October surprise we have been waiting for. The Biden/Harris ticket is toast.

  • Vote for republicans from the president to the city council members let us get our country back from the socialist 

  • If Biden drops out the VP... Harris would become the candidate...  See the 12th and 20th Amendments, they cover succession in the incident that a candidate who is elected fails to qualify to take office after the election and before the inauguration.  It must be noted that Kamala Harris is not  Constitutionally eligible for the Office of President ... she is not a Natural Born Citizen.   If Biden is not elected the question of Constitutional succession doesn't arise.  CHanging candidates this close to an election is the prerogative of the Democrat Party and the various States rules for filing for office and being included on the Ballot.  I would say that if Biden is arrested before the election is over BUT WINS THE ELECTORAL VOTE, that he would be considered Constitutionally UNABLE TO  DISCHARGE THE POWERS AND DUTIES OF HIS OFFICE UNDER ARTICLE 2, SECTION 1 CLAUSE 4 AND THE 12TH AND 20TH AMENDMENT.  

    Sen. Harris is a NATIVE BORN CITIZEN by law and does not qualify to hold the office of President under Article 2, Sec 1, Clause 4.  Her Citizenship status was decided by law, not by natural incident of birth. Neither of her Birthparents was US Citizens at the time of her birth. It takes the application of statutory law to designate her citizenship between those of her parents or the place of her birth in the USA... she may be a citizen of Jamaica, India, or the USA.  The US Immigration and Naturalization Act requires Sen. Harris to choose to become a US Citizens under the naturalization statutes of the act. The US State Department must affirm her choice to be a US CItizenship as... a Native Born Citizen, not a Natural Born Citizen.  Natural Born citizens are by incident of BIrth Natural CItizens as they have no other claims to citizenship and NEED NO LAW TO MAKE THE DISTINCTION OF CITIZENSHIP FOR THEM... hENCE, THE VP ELECT WOULD BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT IF SHE QUALIFIES.

    The RULE OF LAW is gone... the USA is ruled by a despotic plutocracy of the wealthy... whose arbitrary application of the law has resulted in our nation being ruled under the color of law... This must end and end quickly or we will lose any remanent of our Constitutional government, from which to rebuild our Republic.

    • P/S if Biden were indicted and remains on the Ballot as an official candidate and should win the requisite electoral votes to become President he would not qualify to take the oath as he could not discharge the duties of the Office of President as an indicted felon.  The VP would then become the President-elect and take office IF SHE were eligible to hold the office ... as a Natural Born Citizen ... which she is not.  All this confusion and debate is the result of unethical and criminal conduct by the Marxist cabal running the Democrat Party... If the  Democrat Party were morally and ethically competent this would not become a problem... as Biden and Harris would not be their candidates

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