• Had Trump arrested the perpetrators of this obvious fraud he would be a hero fitting for My Rushmore. 

  • Well, it is now "after Christmas." How much longer will they force us to wait, till it's too late and they illicitly install that baby murdering, globalist communist imposter? Sure looks like it.

  • It should have "blown up" on Nov.4 when everyone saw how much corruption there was!!!!!

    • I agree Bob... the President should have declared martial law then and there... 4 Nov... ceased all the ballots and ordered an independent audit of the election to arrive at the best possible outcome... He should have arrested thousands of public and election officials for insurrection, and an attempted Coup by rigging the election. Well its all water under the bridge now... let's hope that the electors are challenged by Pence and that the House of Representatives votes in Trump... or we need to prepare for CIVIL WAR.

    • Exactly! but remember the Democrats hate Trump.

    • the gop hates him too as they are just as corrupt as the devildemocommiecrats and Trump threatens their new world order plans!!!!!

    • Exactly!


  • The problem is the deep state that controls everything from the corrupt courts to the DOJ, the CIA,the FBI, etc etc. There are mountains of evidence and the courts don't admit them, not even the corrupt Supreme Court to which Trump himself appointed three judges. They all let him down and "forgot" their pledge of allegiance to Trump. What a bunch of despicable losers who cave in and join the deep state instead!

    • Paul, what they IGNORED is their oath to the Constitution.  They owe their allegience to it not personally to Donald Trump though if they honor their oath they support Trump.  Nazis pledged their allegience directly to Hitler and look what that led to.  People pledged their allegience to obama and totally violated the Constitution!!!!!

    • TRUE.

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